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Welcome to Plathville: How Olivia's Style Makeover Shows Her Evolution – Screen Rant

On Welcome to Plathville, Olivia Plath has had a lot of ups and downs. Her glam style transformation shows how’s she changed as a person.
Olivia Plath from Welcome to Plathville has changed since the show’s first season, and her latest hair transformation seems to symbolize her personal growth. Olivia’s marriage to Ethan Plath has been a central storyline on the show, and fans have watched as the couple struggled to make their relationship work. Here is everything to know about Olivia’s journey and how her glam makeover tells a story about who she is now.
The popular reality show follows the strict parents, Kim and Barry Plath, their nine kids, and their daughter-in-law, Olivia. The kids were raised away from popular culture, with a strict set of beliefs that made it hard to meet anyone outside of their family. While Olivia was once in good favor with Kim and Barry, fans have watched them turn on Olivia, even insisting that they be present to chaperone whenever Olivia is around the younger Plath kids. The Plath parents treat Olivia worse than Max Kallschmidt, who is Moriah Plath’s boyfriend, which has led fans to call Kim and Barry hypocrites.
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Welcome to Plathville has explored how Kim and Barry’s strict rules have caused a rift in Ethan’s relationship with them, while also straining his marriage. Ethan and Olivia met at a camp seven years ago and began a long-distance relationship, where they wrote each other letters and were occasionally allowed to call each other. The pair began to date and got married in 2018 when both were around 20 years old, and Olivia kept her blond hair and typical style for years. Her signature blonde look seemed to show how comfortable she was with Ethan at the time. It was perhaps a safe choice.
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Olivia has always expanded Ethan’s horizons, from giving him his first taste of soda to encouraging him to travel with her. Olivia has been growing her photography business and exploring life outside of small-town Georgia. Their Cairo location has become a source of conflict for the pair, as Ethan wants to stay there because he likes rural life, while Olivia wants to move to a bigger city, away from his parents. Ethan and Olivia admitted that they have been fighting constantly, and many fans noticed that Olivia’s hair went from basic blonde to fiery red. Fans speculate that the hair color change was triggered by tension in her relationship.
Olivia has said that she has evolved a lot over the past year, and her bold new hair shade may be another way that she’s asserting her independence. The red color may also give her the courage to live on her own for a while, as fans watched Olivia separate from Ethan in the latest Welcome to Plathville episode. Olivia had said that she’d always dreamed of coloring her hair red, and the fact that she dyed her hair recently may show that she is finally ready to go after what she wants, rather than settling.
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