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Welcome To Plathville: Why Moriah's Edgy Style Makeover Shocks Fans – Screen Rant

Fans of Welcome to Plathville have noticed Moriah Plath’s style evolution, and most of them love her creative hair looks and overall vibe.
Over the seasons, Moriah Plath from Welcome to Plathville has had a total style evolution which has caused her to go for edgier looks, leaving some fans a bit shocked. Growing up in a strict household molded Moriah to be a certain way, but as soon as she was old enough, she knew she wanted to branch out. The young adult has not wavered in terms of her sense of self, which is why fans love her.
Moriah is undoubtedly the most rebellious of the Plath children, as she wears short shorts, tank tops, and copious amounts of makeup. Moriah also has no fear when it comes to altering her appearance with tattoos or hair dye. While Kim and Barry Plath do not approve, they have started to accept that their daughter will always be the black sheep of the family, and the three are starting to coexist peacefully. Even though she left the family home to enjoy more freedom, she is still working on herself. Recently, Moriah revealed that she forgave her parents and was working on her relationship with them.
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Moriah has always been bold when it comes to her style, but she has drastically changed over the few years she’s been a reality star. Now, some people aren’t thrilled with her makeover. Moriah started out as a blonde teen with a natural hair color that many people pay a lot of money to get in salons. When fans first met Moriah, she wasn’t allowed to wear all the makeup and was considered a natural beauty.
This year, the Welcome to Plathville star turned 19. Along with an extra year, she got a different look. Fans noted that her lips looked bigger and wondered if she had gotten lip fillers. The risk-taking WTP star Moriah decided to express herself again by coloring the bottom of her hair black. The semi-edgy looked suited the young starlet, who has always had a taste for rock and roll-inspired style.
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Fast forward to two weeks ago, when Moriah dropped a bombshell. The Welcome to Plathville star revealed that she had dyed her blonde hair magenta on a whim. She also gave it a chop and styled it as a shaggy bob. As well, she added to her makeup regimen while making it clear to fans that her look is always evolving.
TLC viewers are happy that she is coming into her own but worry she may be taking it a bit too far. Moriah is currently seeing her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, who is supportive of all her style changes. On more than one occasion, she has stated that she appreciates fans’ opinions. Nonetheless, Moriah prefers to make her own decisions about life.
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Welcome to Plathville airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.
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