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Miley Cyrus Is Having The Time Of Her Life At The ACL Music Festival – The Blast

by Posted on October 2, 2021 at 9:23 am
Miley Cyrus graced Texas with her presence on October 1 at Austin City Limits Music Festival. The 28-year-old singer showed up having incredibly voluminous hair and fans seem to refer to it as her look for the night.
Cyrus is known for her boldness and candidness with her thoughts and speech, owing to which, she joked, ‘Everything is bigger in Texas, including my hair’. Rightfully so, because what seems to have really caught fans by surprise was the bold blonde look.
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Ahead of her performance, the ‘Plastic Heart’ singer saturated the Instagram photos-per-post limit and posed with her bold, platinum hair and a black fringed top with yellow-green beads, that accessorized both her crop top and black pants.
The look landed very close to being a minimal goth look and it is safe to say that fans were well fed. Bold costumes with shabby hair, just sexily transmitting a unique look is how one could sum up Miley’s look.
The top-tier singer delivered a hot power-packed performance, that included some of her classics like ‘See You Again’ and some of her new releases like ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ and ‘WTF Do I Know.’
The cheers and screams of her fans and the response from the crowd were enough to back that up. The event went on for three full days and attendees were required to show their vaccine certificates. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions still mildly hovering over Texas, fewer celebrities were spotted attending an in-person music festival. However, fans could not believe it when they witnessed Shawn Mendes bopping along to one of Miley’s songs. That’s a double kill hellllo!
Among other things that inevitably got people’s heads bopping and feet dancing that included performances by Doja Cat, White Reaper and Cautious Clay, the act that synced differently with the audience was the one involving Miley and Megan Thee Stallion sharing the stage! Now, before you go ahead looking for nonexistent details, here is something you should know. Stallion and Cyrus did not have a performance scheduled.
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As fun-loving as Miley is, she crashed Megan’s performance stage and the duo could be seen twerking, laughing, and dancing along. Miley made sure to let her fans be updated on how everything is moving along. Miley took to Instagram to share another post captioned “Dreams do come true. @theestallion and I doing hot girl shit.”, on which the rapper commented ‘Love you’.
Miley did not step back from completely experiencing the thrill of the night, given how artists had been away from live performances for almost two years now. Miley could also be seen showcasing a few dancy groovy moves to the audience at Zilker Park, shortly after which her performance came to an end.
It is more than obvious that Miley had an incredible time performing at ACL Music Festival, reconnecting with fans, and throwing it back as ‘hot girls’. This is evident from the posts and mentions that she added to her Instagram stories right after. Those are proof enough that Miley Cyrus knows her music, her act and knows even better how to pull everything together to consistently deliver the kind of powerful and entertaining performances that she is known for.
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