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York City Mayor Michael Helfrich to finally get a haircut … for cancer! – York Dispatch

It’s one of Mayor Michael Helfrich’s most distinguishing features: his long, flowing locks.
That’s why his recent announcement came as a bit of surprise.
“So… it’s time for me to get my hair cut again,” he told The York Dispatch.
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Thanks to donors, that hair is going to be cut off to benefit cancer research.
In all, $10,000 will go to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, an organization that fights childhood cancer. Volunteers sponsored will cut their hair to show solidarity with kids who often have their heads shaved in the process of cancer treatment.
Helfrich estimates his hair is about 10-12 inches right now. In another twist, he’ll be holding a raffle for who will be the one to cut it.
“I want to give the opportunity for any licensed barbers or stylists who have a business here in the city of York to participate,” he said.
It’s not the first time Helfrich has had his hair cut in service of this donation.
Back in 2019, local business Veloxity donated $10,000 so he’d get a haircut.
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Last year, Helfrich tried something different. “I got this bright idea to try and get people to bid against each other, who wants me to have long hair and who wants me to have short hair,” he said.
Long hair won.
Helfrich said he raised between $1,600 and $1,700 last year.
This time, a few more donors who stepped in.
“I put out a call to try it again and go back to the first thing and get one company to donate $10,000,” he said. 
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It didn’t work out quite like that, but Helfrich was able to get donations from a few different donors, who wish to remain anonymous. 
Now that it’s as long as it is, Helfrich’s also going to donate his hair to Hair We Share, a Long Island, New York, organization that makes wigs for those who lost their hair due to medical conditions.
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Links to the raffle have been posted on a number of Facebook pages, including the mayor’s personal page. The drawing will be done next Monday.
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