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How to have fun with at-home hair colour – VOGUE India

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If you are looking to cover the greys you pretty much know that you need to match the root overgrowth with a colour closest to hair colour. As a hair professional, Madhvi Lodhi, top stylist, Jean Claude Biguine Spa and Salon, does not recommend touching up the roots at home. But considering current times, she understands that some clients are not comfortable stepping out. In that case, she recommends getting in touch with your regular stylist as the salon does keep a note of your shade and brand and would be able to suggest a closest packet colour for home usage. “Sit steady with good light source to help. Don’t attempt the back of your head, obviously because you can’t see there. Focus on just the roots. Be super sure that you don’t go anywhere close to your eyes. Post-colour care is so important, so if you know what your stylist recommended the last time, you could continue with that,” adds Lodhi.
However, if you are looking for some fun and experiment with a new look, to choose the right you need to bear in mind your skin undertone, eye colour, natural hair colour and natural hair texture (curly, straight, wavy etc), states makeup artist and hair stylist, Nikhar Jivani. Giving us a peek into a colourist’s mind, she says to observe the colour of the eyes. “Our eyes are usually our greatest feature and the colour of our eyes is something we usually need to focus on when we are framing our face when experimenting with hair. A contrasting shade to your eye colour really will bring out features of your face,” adds Jivani.

“Colour your bangs and strands that frame your face with a colour that suits your skin tone and brings out your eyes, or add a pop of blue, pink or blonde,” suggests Jivani, if you are in the mood to experiment. 
If you are looking for a drastic change, try it on a strand first to see if you like the results. For those who want a subtle change, Jivani recommends adding soft streaks that complements your hair colour- meaning two shades lighter will add more dimension to your hair and hairstyling. “You could also play safe and colour the midsection of your hair with whatever bold colour which will only be visible when you decide to style your hair a certain way according to your own terms and conditions,” adds Jivani. 
There are more ways you can fail, while colouring at home. However, if you are insistent and patient and keen to save a few bucks, here are some pro tips:
Last but not the least, be mindful of skin sensitivity.
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