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What's On James Franklin's Clipboard? – Onward State

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When your day-to-day job consists of leading the No. 4 football program in the country, it can be hard to keep track of everything you’ve got to do. We’re sure James Franklin would agree with us on that one.
Naturally, we weren’t shocked to see him carefully perusing a clipboard this fall at practices open to the media. However, the question remains: What exactly’s on that clipboard?
Our staff sat down to do the impossible and crack the code. Here’s a collection of the best guesses we pieced together:
James Franklin wouldn’t be James Franklin if he didn’t constantly remind us about going “1-0” this week. It’s slowly become an integral part of his identity (no matter what salty Auburn fans say).
As much as he tweets it, Franklin’s got a lot to keep track of. A good ol’ fashioned reminder would surely go a long way to make sure each week’s post winds up in our Twitter feeds.
When Franklin’s drawing up schemes at practice, we’re pretty sure he’s avoiding 4th & 5 quarterback draws like the plague — so much so that he needs to be reminded of it. The infamous play-call wasn’t as bad as we remember it, but it still left a very sour taste in our mouths nearly three years later now.
For as long as we’ve known him, James Franklin’s been rocking a shorter flow than most. We like to think he’s a guy who just really enjoys getting a close cut every week. You know, instead of being bald.
Who needs scheduled tweets when you could simply write out a social media plan on your practice clipboard? Between announcing recruiting pickups to reminding fans of this week’s objective, Franklin’s got a lot going on through the bird app.
Man, remember Will Levis? Just last year, he served as Penn State’s backup quarterback, falcon package king, and resident TikTok superstar. Now, he’s doing pretty well at Kentucky, and you gotta wonder if Franklin’s missing him.
This one comes in handy if he misses that aforementioned haircut. Gotta look good on gameday, you know?
Penn State’s running backs totaled just 80 yards on 34 carries against Villanova over the weekend. Pretty meh for a matchup with an FCS team, right? We like to imagine Franklin’s keeping a steamy photo of Saquon on his clipboard to reflect on better days (and plentiful rushing tuddies).
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One 8-year-old fan received the surprise of a lifetime Saturday when Seth Lundy and Jaheam Cornwall showed up at her family tailgate.
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