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Gabrielle Union Is Having Way Too Much Fun With Her Foot-Long Braid – Yahoo Lifestyle

Truthfully, we do not know how Gabrielle Union manages to accomplish so many things at once. Among being a mother to one of the funniest toddlers on Earth and two other lovely children, relaunching her own hair-care brand, and laying her life out candidly in her latest memoir, You Got Anything Stronger? the actor definitely has been putting in work — and it's not going unnoticed. In the midst of being an overall badass, Union never fails to show us some killer looks in the hair department, whether it's in the form of voluminous pigtails or chunky cornrows. For her latest style, she's giving us a tutorial on how to flip your hair with a waist-length braided ponytail.
Her braided hairstyle didn't get a whole Instagram post dedicated to it, but she did share the new look on Instagram Stories on October 8. In the short video, Union flips her ponytail back and forth while Nicki Minaj's and Beyonce's iconic bop "Feeling Myself" plays in the background. She sure is feeling herself and this lengthy ponytail that cascades toward her waist. The braided ponytail sits high on her head, making it the perfect spot for whipping the style around. The ponytail has a simple plait that wasn't braided all the way through, leaving the last fourth of the Kanekalon hair to sit freely at the end. We love the textured end on this braid.
We're not sure if the braid is for a special appearance or if Union is simply relaxing around her home. She paired the hairstyle with simple glam makeup that really completes the whole aesthetic. Her base looks flawless paired with black eyeliner and simple dark eye shadow. Her bold red lip is just icing on the cake.
Union has never shied away from experimenting with her hair, and she always has cute styles that are ideal for textured hair. She even underwent a new hair-care journey when she revealed her big chop on June 24 and has been flaunting her pretty teeny-weeny-afro ever since. It's only a matter of time before she pops out with a brand-new hairstyle — our bet is she'll be rocking another amazing braided hairstyle very soon.
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