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Bald Bearded Man With Black and White Dog Fled Hit and Run on Broadway – Redheaded Blackbelt – Redheaded Blackbelt

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Suspect fleeing a crash

Suspect fleeing a crash. [Image provided]

Just before midnight on Wednesday, a white Ford F250 struck a construction vehicle in Eureka. The driver and his dog fled the scene.
Suspect fleeing a crash. [Image provided]
According to Brittany Powell, spokesperson for the Eureka Police Department, “This incident was called in at 11:45 p.m.”
She said that the driver of a silver Ford F350 crashed into large construction vehicle near Broadway and Sunset fled on foot with his dog.
Scanner traffic at the time and a photo provided us shows that the driver was bald and bearded and the dog was black and white.
Powell told us, “Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the involved driver.  The truck was towed from the scene.  No injuries were reported.”
She said the incident is still under investigation.
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I hope the Dog is okay.
This is just too tempting to Not speculate on.
I’m very curious if the truck owner has reported it stolen and is a bearded bald man.
Reasons for the Bearded Bald Man (BBM) running away:
1: BBM stole it. Hmm, with his dog, not likely, so he may be the truck owner.
2: BBM is unlicened/uninsured or has arrest warrants out for him.
3: BBM was texting or intoxicated.
4: BBM saw a (make up something really stupid here) run in front of his truck so he had to swerve into the construction vehicle.
5: BBM ran because he didn’t want his wife/girlfriend to yell “WHY DID YOU TURN?” at him when he got home.
6: BBM crashed and ran away like a child because “reasons”.
The dog was driving without a license!
Hope the dog gets locked up for fleeing the seen. But it’s humboldt, they will cite and release.
Likely the dog will serve more time than the driver.
They’re investigating… he left a truck & a truckload of evidence behind literally, with all their resources funded by our our tax dollars, it’s too difficult for law enforcement to figure out the driver?
Yeah but by time they pick him up he can pass a drug/alcohol test. This seems like sop for drunk/stoned hit and run drivers around here.
Could it be Brian Laundrie?
Brian sleeps with (in?) the gators.
Was it a white Ford 250 or a silver Ford 350?
The crash caused the 250 to morph into a 350
i keep wondering if that was me. i dont have that truck, dog or hair but its all a bad dream. where am i?
Brian Laundry!!!
Lemme guess, he “just didn’t see it, the Large Construction Vehicle just came out of nowhere”
It’s stupid to blame bicyclists and pedestrians for not wearing high-vis clothing when drivers will hit a big shiny neon orange truck equipped with reflectors and flashing lights that’s surrounded by traffic cones.


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