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N.C. A&T Artists embracing National Arts and Humanities Month – A & T Register

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Sydney Ross, theCulture Lead Reporter

October is celebrated as National Arts and Humanities Month. The celebration aims to encourage people to include the importance of the arts and incorporate them into their lives. Several artists on campus have embraced the arts to celebrate their passions. 
Jordyn Kerr
Jordyn Kerr is a junior psychology student from Garner, NC. She has always enjoyed art, but it was not until her middle school art teacher inspired her that she began to take her craft seriously. 
Kerr has completed several art pieces but the one she is most proud of is her most recent. The piece is currently untitled but represents what she values in Black beauty. She initially drew this design in the eighth grade but revisited it in the midst of the pandemic during the summer of 2020. 
The piece features four Black women with the same face, but each woman has a different hairstyle and is a different shade. She really wanted to focus on the value and beauty in Black women. 
“Growing up I didn’t see a lot of paintings of Black women and their beauty being shown, so I did it myself,” Kerr said. “Why wait when I can do it.”
Kerr hopes people can look at her work and see the beauty in Black people, especially in Black women. She also hopes to inspire others to believe in themselves and take pride in their work.
“Art is needed and is a great form of expression,” Kerr said. “For the longest I hated my work because I didn’t feel it was good and everyone else’s was better than mine. I had to realize everyone’s art is different and mine is good.”
Lauren Merritt
Lauren Merritt is a senior computer science student from Charlotte, NC. She enjoys creating pieces that allow her to express herself freely.
Many of Merritt’s pieces are abstract containing bold patterns and vibrant colors. She says the patterns bring life to flat pieces. 
“I don’t really tend to plan pieces past the initial idea, representation and message,” Merritt said. “After that I just put paint to a canvas and let whatever comes to mind come out.”
Her favorite piece as of now is, “Jane Doe.” It is a piece she initially created for her first art show. This piece challenged her tremendously as an artist and allowed her to tap into her creative side. 
Merritt hopes that people can be inspired by her work. She aims to invoke emotions in each piece she does. 
“I feel like one’s emotions are one of the strongest types of connections people can have with people and tangible things,” Merritt said. 
Merritt’s artwork can be found on Instagram. There you can find other pieces of art and stay up to date on her artistic journey. 
Max Bishop
Max Bishop is a 2021 graduate from Wilmington, NC. Bishop now does public art under Artist Bloc CEO and N.C. A&T visual arts professor Darlene McClinton.
Bishop’s work varies in style and composure. His work is very abstract and consists of various dynamics of colors, patterns and techniques making his work unique. 
“My artwork consists of beautiful colors that stimulate, excite and agitate the viewer’s eyes with contrasting patterns.”
Bishop is dedicated to bringing mystery and excitement in his work often leaving the audience with a new perception and understanding. Finding inspiration from spiritual mysteries and psychedelia, he hopes to inspire his audience with a new understanding. 
“Every brush stroke matters,” Bishop said. “I simply want my audience to embrace the end and new beginnings as well.”
You can check out more of Bishop’s artwork on his Instagram.
You can visit the Americans for the Arts website for more information on National Arts and Humanities month and how you can celebrate the arts this month.
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