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For Larry Hart, confidence starts at the hairline – The Downey Patriot

DOWNEY — “The last guy you could ever imagine shedding a tear… I look up and I see he’s crying,” said Larry Hart. 
Meet Larry Hart, Downey’s one and only person who practices scalp micropigmentation and he definitely has a heart for it. Larry owns Downey Hair Loss Solutions SMP on Firestone Boulevard next to Don Chente’s Tacos. His business has been in Downey since 2018.
Larry has always had an artistic inclination and was inspired by a friend who had gotten this procedure done to start doing micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation is a hair tattoo, meaning it is permanent. It is a non-surgical, superficial cosmetic tattoo that gives the illusion of a close buzz cut hairstyle on a bald head or density to a thinning crown. 
“The goal is to make it look as natural as possible,” said Larry. “I go over with the pigments of the dots of the hair follicles. I wear these really strong magnifying glasses and I look very closely at the scalp and look where the old hair follicle was and I put the dot where it was to make it look natural. It’s pretty rewarding to be able to do it and people are grateful to have me do this for them.
“It is really a life changing experience for a lot of people…It is not uncommon for these guys to shed a tear. I had a guy recently, an older salty guy, the last guy you could ever imagine shedding a tear. I finished the work for the first session, I was looking down and I see in the corner of my eye that he’s looking at the mirror. I see his arm go up to his eye…all of a sudden I hear a sniffle. I look up and I see he’s crying.” 
Larry finds his work to be a moving experience and feels grateful to offer this work. Though it is not an easy service to provide as it requires patience and focus.
In total the procedure takes 4-5 weeks and each session can go up to 3-4 hours or even longer. It is a tedious and time consuming procedure but Larry said he enjoys it and gets excited every time he gets a new client. He serves both male and female clients.
As an end result, his clients leave the last session looking like they have a new set or a full set of hair that looks completely natural. Larry mentioned that men have found the procedure to hurt more than women have and some clients have said it feels like a massage. 
He has two assistants, Brittany Velasquez and Kirsten Velasquez. They both have been trained in scalp micropigmentation as well as micro blading. Although due to Covid-19, Larry works alone for now.
To receive a free consultation from Downey Hair Loss Solutions SMP, call or text (562)-445-3882. 
“My success is the feedback I get from my clients,” Larry said. “My whole goal is always to make sure I am left with nothing but good feedback from my clients.” 
Though his clients come from different cities, his office will make you feel like a part of a community, welcomed and safe.

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