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Bold eyeshadows to tiny clips, the hottest trends of the season – Times Now

Be it summer, spring, winter, or fall, new trends take over our social media feeds almost every day. With designers coming up with newer and cooler looks for runways and influencers constantly creating viral trends for netizens, we have got a lot to cover this season. So, let’s get started!
As we are bidding adieu to fall and welcoming winter this month, the focus of most beauty and fashion trends are going to be making the smooth transition and staying stylish while we are at it. 
Unlike the last season when pastel and bright eyeshadows were in, it’s all about bold eyeshadows this season. Go for blacks, browns, maroons, or anything that’s on the darker and bolder side of the colour wheel. You can incorporate a halo eye look or cut crease to it if you wish to take things a couple of notches higher. 
For the longest time, people have been going crazy over matte looks but now as we are getting closer to winter, semi-matte makeup looks are gaining more popularity. Since our skin is already too dry in winter, it makes no sense to use matte products and make it seem drier. Instead, you can use a dewy or illuminating foundation as a base to get both hydration and coverage. Also, make sure that you apply facial oil and moisturiser before applying any foundation.
Now from makeup, let’s come to fashion. Double denim attires are in trend these days. Two different shades of denim fabrics are stitched together to make a jacket, shirt, or pants and patchwork, embellishments and other accessories are added to the fabric to get the desired look. Here’re some examples!

Space-dyed knits are basically made of a single yarn that is dyed with two or more colours that repeat themselves throughout its length. They have been used by several top fashion designers for their runway shows in rent days. They can be turned into dresses, skirts, tops, sweaters and literally anything. Take a look!

From top celebs from B-town to international models, everyone is embracing the layering kit trend and critics are loving it. In this trend, all you have to do is wear a small knit crop top over a white crisp shirt and get creative while layering your winter collection. Vests and crop bra tops are great layers that render so much versatility to a look. If you don’t like a white shirt, you can pair them with fitted turtleneck tops or bodycon dresses. They can be styled in so many ways, all you need to do is start experimenting. 

All those people who feel that head chains are only worn by gipsies and the bohemian crowd, influencers are proving every one of you wrong. And, that’s probably why we are seeing so many gorgeous head chain looks going viral on social media currently. To jazz up looks, unconventional ways of accessorising are gaining p[popularity this season. And, head chains are leading that trend. 
Last season, we saw people embracing huge clips and hair accessories. This season, however, the trends have reversed. Tiny and thin clips are currently in trends. This means that it’s time to go on a shopping spree and toss the old hair clips and accessories into the bin.
So, we highly suggest that you get yourself a bunch of hair clips in different colours and styles and flaunt them on special occasions.
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