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MIC's Olivia Bentley branded a 'bald b***h' by cruel trolls as she battled hair loss – Daily Mail

By Owen Tonks For Mailonline


Olivia Bentley has revealed she was called a ‘bald b***h’ by cruel trolls amid her alopecia struggle.
The Made In Chelsea star, 26, has suffered from the autoimmune disorder that causes hair to fall out since she was 16, and revealed she was sent taunts by cyber bullies after she appeared on the E4 show.
On this week’s Private Parts podcast, she told Jamie Laing and his guest co-host Alex Mytton: ‘People used to say horrible things like “what is wrong with your hair”, “you bald b***h” and all of this stuff and I used to be like “oh my God”. It was a lot.’
Hair struggle: Made In Chelsea’s Olivia Bentley, 26, has spoken out after she was called a ‘bald b***h’ by cruel trolls as she lost her hair amid her alopecia struggle
‘I responded to someone once, this is before I had spoken about the fact I had hair loss, saying, “Listen I have hair loss this is why my hair does look a bit s**t.”
‘They literally replied saying, “you’re a bald b****h”. I was like 22 then. But then weirdly after speaking about it, now I don’t worry about it at all, I don’t wear my wig that much, I haven’t worn it in ages really, it doesn’t bother me at all.’
The reality star spoke of the time she discovered she was suffering with the condition, saying she called her mother crying after pulling clumps of her hair out.
Long battle: The Made In Chelsea star, 26, has suffered the autoimmune disorder that causes hair to fall out since she was 16
She explained: ‘I remember there was one day and I was at school sitting on my bed crying my eyes out and I couldn’t get through to my mum because she had taken my grandmother to the hospital and had to turn her phone off.
‘By the time she answered the phone I was hysterical because there was hair on the floor, it was in the shower, my hair brush and I was like,”I don’t know what the f***k is going on here.”
‘I was sitting in my bedroom and none of my friends at school knew, none of the teachers knew, I just didn’t tell anyone and the more I was getting myself into a state, the more it was coming out. It was bad at the time.’
Speaking out: Olivia said, ‘People used to say horrible things like “what is wrong with your hair”, “you bald b***h”
Sad memories: Olivia said she called her mother in tears when she was at school as her hair fell out on the floor, adding she felt her peers judged her on her personality
She added that she felt none of her peers were interested in her personality, with them showing more interest in how she looked.
In addition, the television personality added that she found her teens difficult because ‘I hit puberty quite late so I didn’t have boobs so essentially I looked like a bloke’. 
‘Then my hair started coming out and I was like ‘for f***k sake’. It couldn’t get worse,’ she concluded.
Listen up! Jamie Laing is usually joined by Francis Boulle on podcast Private Parts which can he heard online
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