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10 Halloween Costumes For Curly Hair That'll Let Your Texture Shine – Elite Daily

Bring on allllllll the volume.
Your curls cannot be tamed, nor should they be. Rather, they should be celebrated all day, every day. As a way to really let your curls take center stage in all their glory, make them a centerpiece come spooky season with one of Halloween costumes for curly hair. From your favorite movie and TV characters to your classic pop-culture icons, there are plenty of Halloween costumes that let your voluminous hair shine.
Even though Halloween is arguably one of the most enjoyable holidays around, it tends to feel like a mad scramble to get a costume together. Add involved Halloween hair and makeup on top of that, and it can feel unnecessarily overwhelming. This year, you can get your ducks in a row now by figuring out your outfit game early and choosing a Halloween costume you love that also allows your natural texture to shine through.
There’s no need to painstakingly straighten your curls away or hide them under a scratchy wig if you don’t want to. Instead, scroll below to find all the curly-haired Halloween costume inspiration you need, from Beyoncé as Foxxy Cleopatra to fashion icon Debbie Thornberry.
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Pick your favorite of the goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes from Hercules. Each of the five muses has a different curly hairstyle, so you can pick whichever of the goddesses best fits your hair texture or the look you love most.

Beyoncé positively served when she played Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers in Goldmember. The secret agent is bad*ss, and you can re-create her impeccable energy with Yandy’s Foxy Disco Costume ($78, Yandy).

With your stunning head of curls, you already have a mane that’s purrfect for a lion costume. With a shake of your voluminous, shiny ringlets in this ultra-cozy lion costume, you’ll make it clear you’re at the top of the Halloween food chain.
Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Jennifer Grey’s character in Dirty Dancing doesn’t require much to pull off. You can get her summer look with a pair of jean Bermuda shorts and a white crop top. You just might need to polish off your dancing shoes.

This costume is not for the good girls. You can channel all of your greaser energy with Ashley Stewart’s Sandy Costume ($70, Ashley Stewart). Now, you just need to find a carnival to strut all over.

Have you ever been working in a bridal shop in Flushing Queens, had your boyfriend throw you out, and then became a nanny for three rich kids? Well, you can pretend you did with a Fran Fine Halloween costume. To correctly channel the style icon, you need a bold and bright mini skirt and blazer combo, like Cider’s Pink Lady Set ($38, Cider).

Nostalgic childhood TV shows make for the ideal Halloween costumes, and Debbie Thornberry is simply superior to all the others. You can recreate her iconic look with Built Different Apparel’s High Waisted Ripped Jeans ($28, Built Different Apparel), Windsor’s Cropped Tank Top ($17, Windsor), and Old Navy’s Plaid Flannel Shirt ($30, Old Navy).

Vivian Ward’s free-spirited attitude and fiery red curls are definitely worth capturing this Halloween. And, with Forplay’s Costume ($69, Amazon), you won’t get any snide glances from snooty women in designer stores.

I couldn’t help but wonder if a Carrie Bradshaw costume is the ideal, curly-haired Halloween look. To be the most recognizable version of the columnist, get her theme song outfit with Calsunbaby’s Tutu ($12, Walmart) and Forever 21’s Ribbed Tank Top ($6, Forever 21).

In honor of the release of Fearless: Taylor’s Version, you can dress up as the singer during her long, curly-haired phase. You’re going to want to be listening to the album all night long anyway, so you might as well throw on Fashion Nova’s Black Fringe dress ($35, Fashion Nova), and rock out with your curls out until the sun comes up.


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