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Grandpa has no idea toddler is buzzing him bald in hilarious TikTok: ‘He’d do anything for that little girl’s smile’ – Yahoo News

An unsuspecting grandpa let his granddaughter give him an at-home haircut, and the hilarious results are going viral!
Mom and TikToker Carissa Joh (@carissa.joh) gained over 8 million likes when she shared footage of her daughter Brynlee giving her father Doug a very special haircut.
Now, just like the mom who accidentally gave her toddler a hilariously bad “Dumb and Dumber” haircut, Brynlee’s DIY hairdo is cracking people up around the world — and Grandpa’s reaction is melting hearts.
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The video finds Brynlee and Doug midway through an at-home haircut. Grandpa is all smiles while his granddaughter gently buzzes away.
What Grandpa might not realize, however, is that the attachment guard had fallen off the electric razor — meaning he was getting a tighter haircut than expected.
When the camera circles the two, we see the extent of Brynlee’s handiwork: a jagged bald spot right in the middle of Grandpa’s head.
Thankfully, Carissa didn’t leave her audience in suspense for too long. 
For those wondering how Grandpa reacted to his new ‘do, part two revealed that Doug loved his new cut — but not as much as he loves his sweet grandbaby. 
The two were nestled up happily together in the sequel, and they smiled as they clinked drinks, toasting Brynlee’s barber skills.
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Thousands of TikTokers responded in the comments, sharing their reactions to the sweet video.
“Does she take appointments or walk-in[s]?” one user joked.
“Business in the front, party in the back,” another person laughed.
“He knew, you could see it in his face… He’d do anything for that little girl’s smile,” one user wrote.
“Grandpas don’t sweat the small stuff. The princess is happy and proud of her work. That’s all that matters!” another comment read.
“Done with love! How could it not look great? Y’all look like partners in crime,” beamed another user.
“I love him!!! Some things aren’t worth getting upset about,” shared one viewer.
 “This melts my heart, look at that bond! Grandpa knows it’s only hair. A granddaughter’s smile is worth a million more!” wrote another user.
While hair may come and go, one thing remains forever: the memories we share with the people we love. This is sure to be one sweet moment Brynlee and her grandpa will cherish for many years to come.
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