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From Buzz Cut To Spike Cut: Famous Hairstyles Inspired By Brad Pitt That Men Can Emulate – IWMBuzz

Brad Pitt is a true chameleon when it comes to hairstyles. Because his hair looks to change so regularly, it’s challenging to keep up! He’s tried his hand at every possible style. Of course, none of us can look exactly like Brad Pitt, but we can try to copy his famous locks. Here’s a rundown of Brad Pitt’s best haircuts and how to incorporate them into your own look!
Keep it simple with a buzz cut if you’re looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle. You can roll out of bed and face the day looking bold and ready for action with this haircut because it doesn’t require any products or styling. If your hair grows quickly, you may need to visit the barber more frequently to keep it looking neat.
Brad Pitt’s military haircut in Fury pays homage to the 1940s with a detached undercut. With a twist on the sophisticated design, this look is fitted, timeless, and attractive. It’s especially popular among individuals who want to keep their hair in style. Brad Pitt has been sporting a strong undercut in recent years, often combined with slicked-back hair on top.
Because there is no fade between the length on top and the sides, his hair in Fury is best described as a disconnected undercut. Brad frequently wears his hair in a low ponytail to keep it out of his face. This low-maintenance hairstyle for guys with mid-length to long hair is a little different from the man bun.
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