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Groom faces backlash over his ‘shocking’ wedding day behavior toward his family – Yahoo Entertainment

A woman is refusing to do her brother a favor after how he treated her during his wedding. She explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. During the wedding, her brother took advantage of her financially and otherwise. During the wedding, her brother took advantage of her financially and otherwise. He tried to get her to pay for bar tabs, stole money from her and made her do a ton of tasks. Now, she doesn’t want to help him out. Even their parents thought he was mistreating his sister throughout the wedding. “He asked me a couple of days ago if I would housesit for them while they go on honeymoon. I told him hell no, and he had some nerve asking me after how I was treated at his wedding,” she said. Redditors thought the sister had every right to refuse. “I’d be ashamed of myself for stomping on my loved ones for a wedding,” a user wrote
TikTokers think they've found an archive of "unsent" text messages but there's a little more to it than that. It all started when someone posted a video claiming they searched their name on The Unsent Project. Now people are looking themselves up on the website and getting some pretty mixed results. The Unsent Project says it's a "collection of unsent text messages to first loves". It's not actually an archive of messages that people sent, then canceled right after. That would probably violate some privacy laws. The project is actually a lot more like Post Secret, where people anonymously send in confessions. In the Unsent Project, people anonymously submit messages they wish they could have sent their exes. Some are loving and others are scathing. Each message is addressed to the person's first name only. Thus, you can search your name and see if anyone out there is thinking of you (or a person with the same name at least). Many people with uncommon names have complained there are no entries for them. To find out if any messages are under your name visit The Unsent Project and type your name in the search bar
A husband and wife can't seem to get on the same page when it comes to their parenting styles and choices. Posting to the Subreddit r/Parenting, the dad explained their dilemma. "[My] wife thinks [our] kid should do what [my] wife wants,” he wrote. “When [my] wife spends time with [our] kid, I notice [our] kid cries a lot more, is a lot more upset,” he added. "[I try] super hard to make [our] kid feel like she has a sense of control over her own destiny,” the poster shared. "This has led to the kid preferring me over her mom in almost every way,” he continued. Psychotherapist Debbie Opoku said that open communication and flexibility in parenting styles are critical to maintaining peace
These cheeky T-shirts, silly mugs, funny aprons and more will bring you constant joy.
A woman felt like her boyfriend didn't open up to her enough — so she went through his phone. She consulted Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum about her behavior. Her boyfriend has always been reserved. When he left his phone unlocked around her, she seized the opportunity to snoop. She didn't like what she discovered and confronted him about it. "I went onto his Notes app. There were entries about his grievances with parents and relatives, and some entries about meeting me and our relationship". "I started crying because a lot of the things he wrote, particularly revolving around his ex and his parents, were quite sad" . However, her boyfriend didn't react to the invasion of privacy the way she had hoped. "His expression instantly shifted into one of anger. I said that this wouldn't be a problem if he was just more open with me. He got even angrier and asked me to leave" . Reddit users thought the girlfriend was in the wrong. "You betrayed him," a user said. "I can not mentally process that she has come here saying she feels betrayed," another wrote
Ulta Beauty unveiled a plan for retail, digital shopping and new business models on Tuesday.
The "Ted Lasso" star said his mom started calling him Jason so he wouldn't get mixed up with his dad.
You'll find antiques galleries making collecting cool again, garden nurseries filled with extraordinary plant offerings, local jewelers with sparkling selections, and visionary florists creating awe-inspiring arrangements. "Design duo Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe's shop, Nickey Kehoe, is a must-visit when in Los Angeles and a great place to stock up on everything from handblown glassware to pillows made from vintage textiles."
The bride and the groom, both of whom are healthcare workers, had already registered their wedding in the beginning of October but decided to tie the knot with proper Hindu rituals.Rains marred their plans of a big wedding but could not dampen their spirits. Dressed in traditional Indian attire they sat in a large cooking vessel as two men kept it afloat while they walked through thigh-high water.The ceremony was held in a temple with limited guests.Rains across Kerala have triggered flash floods and landslides in several areas that have killed at least 22 people.Kerala was also a victim to the worst floods in a century in 2018 that had killed at least 400 people and displaced around 200,000.
India's government has called the global hunger ranking's methodology “shocking” and “unscientific.”
Images of the pair travelling to a temple in Kerala state amid flooding are widely shared online.
The private phone data of hundreds of thousands of people are at risk. Call records, text messages, photos, browsing history, precise geolocations and call recordings can all be pulled from a person's phone because of a security issue in widely used consumer-grade spyware. TechCrunch repeatedly emailed the developer, whose identity is well hidden, through all known and non-public email addresses, but lines of inquiry to disclose the issue went cold.
The "Global Electric Farm Tractor Market: Focus on Applications, Battery Type, Drivetrain Technology, and Region – Analysis & Forecast, 2021-2026" report has been added to's offering.
The new book is described as “Titanic” meets “Game of Thrones.”
Meghan Markle's estranged father Thomas Markle had harsh words for Prince Harry during a new interview with "Good Morning Britain." The 77-year-old joined the news show on Tuesday and spoke out about his son-in-law, saying that in his eyes, Harry has "has abandoned the Queen, his grandmother, the royal family, the British people and the army." He also claimed that the Duke of Sussex's forthcoming memoir was "all for money" and "shameful" to the Queen.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -International Monetary Fund chief economist Gita Gopinath will return to Harvard University in January as planned when her public service leave of absence from the university ends, the IMF said on Tuesday. Gopinath, the IMF's first female chief economist, joined the fund in October 2018 and led new IMF analytical research on the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination targets as well as on climate change mitigation. IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva cited Gopinath's "tremendous" impact on the IMF's work.
A Maine school department's change in COVID-19 quarantine protocols meant to help get players back on the field faster led to the opposite result for the high school’s field hockey team.
According to his loved ones, Trevor Jones died suddenly on Oct. 9 from an event related to Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
Jennifer Gates, the eldest daughter of Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates, celebrated her wedding to Nayel Nassar over the weekend
What was always going to be a memorable wedding nearly took a turn for the worse.
He's taking the news "really bad."


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