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World's longest race? 3,100 miles around a New York block – Yahoo! Voices

It’s the world’s longest certified foot race: a 3,100-mile run that takes participants not across America but around the same New York block 5,649 times. Runners complete more than two marathons a day for almost two months, on less than five hours sleep a night.
Participants had to run up a dry ski slope instead of sliding down it during the 400-metre race. The slope was covered with a thick net to help the athletes climb up the steep slope.Red Bull has been holding the race for the last ten years in different locations. It describes the race as the "toughest 400-metre run on the planet" on its website.
Former President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit to block the release of documents to the Jan. 6 select committee of Congress, saying that some of the records don't have a valid connection to day of the Capitol insurrection.
It actually has a lot to do with your dominant hand.
One employee on TikTok described the new shorts as "like underwear."
Another surprise at the top end of the poll has caused a shakeup in this week's NCAA Re-Rank 1-130 as Cincinnati moves to second behind Georgia.
The White House tried to downplay photos of President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden maskless in an upscale Washington, D.C., restaurant, contravening the capital's indoor mandate.
An American artist is photographing hundreds of nudes at Israel’s Dead Sea to highlight the sinking water levels.
“If you see me, please just give me a fist bump and say a prayer that I can return from being 82 years old to acting like I’m 12."
“Red Xtreme,” whose real name is Tim Oerman, said on Twitter that he is prohibited from entering the stadium for a year.
UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell won't be prosecuted after he was recently arrested on domestic violence charges involving his wife.
The strained supply chain and worldwide shipping crunch has had an impact on everything from holiday shopping to every day goods and services. "Good Morning America" assembled an expert panel to explain what's happening and shopping strategies to know. "This goes back a long time — back to the beginning of the pandemic when everything shut down," Jarvis said.
Getting "career change" vibes?
Gov. Gavin Newsom is emphasizing holding cities accountable for state laws on zoning and approving housing projects, including starting a new effort staffed with more than dozen employees to enforce the rules.
In this article, we discuss the top 10 dividend stock picks of billionaire Ken Fisher. If you want to skip our detailed analysis of these stocks, go directly to Billionaire Ken Fisher’s Top 5 Dividend Stock Picks. Ken Fisher is one of the most well-known hedge fund managers on Wall Street. The portfolio of his […]
The actress has listed the Spanish-style home she's owned since 2013, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal
Kevin Labanc (San Jose Sharks) with a Goal vs. Montreal Canadiens, 10/19/2021
After another beatdown at the hands of the Red Sox in the ALCS, Astros pitching coach Brent Strom suggested Boston might be taking advantage of Houston tipping its pitches.
A Chinese father took it upon himself to develop a cure for a rare genetic disease that his son was diagnosed with. A father’s devotion: Xu Wei, a 30-year-old online entrepreneur with no prior college education, devoted his time to learning and developing medicine at home after his one-year-old son Haoyang was diagnosed with Menkes disease, reported South China Morning Post. The disorder, which affects the cellular transport of copper, is associated with seizures, stunted growth, failure to thrive, unstable body temperature and intellectual disability, according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders.
While uniforms have always been a point of controversy at Hooters, the latest update on the chain's classic uniform is drawing major ire from those who have to wear it—the servers.According to a recent slew of TikTok videos, the uniforms that have barely been updated through the chain's decades-long history are suddenly getting more revealing. Several Hooters servers complained about the new shorts the chain is mandating them to wear, but which look more like "panties."RELATED: This Once-Popular
HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — It all started with a call about a suspicious person. A young man tooled around on a bright red bicycle, pulling up to parked cars and giving the door handles a good tug. But within 25 minutes of the police call to the upscale suburban neighborhood, the emergency was no longer about a possible burglar on a bike. A flurry of police in tactical gear rushed the neighborhood …


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