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6 Addison Rae red carpet looks rated best to worst – HITC – Football, Gaming, Movies, TV, Music

Photo by Amy Sussman/KCA2021/Getty Images for Nickelodeon
Addison Rae is all set to star in her own Snapchat original show that sees the TikToker return to her home state of Louisiana.
2021 has been a big year for the social media celeb. From releasing her debut single and starring as the lead in a movie to attending some of the most prestigious fashion events, Addison has done it all and more.
Naturally, with many eyes on her, the 21-year-old is constantly scrutinised after every move. Addison’s fashion choices are often picked apart by both her fans and haters.
But, can we really blame them, given the TikTok star has given us all a lot to talk about this year?
Hence, we too wanted to take the opportunity to rank six of Addison’s red carpet looks from best to worst.
Disclaimer: These are merely our opinions!
Addison’s look from the MTV movie awards this year was slammed by many. However, we think this is probably her most daring and scintillating red carpet look so far.
The star did not shy away from showing ample skin, especially the underboob, and yet, it looks tasteful thanks to the blazer. This was also one of Addison’s early red carpet appearances and we commend her for her bold pick.
For us, this is Addison’s most stunning look in front of the cameras. The silver necklace and waistband have helped turn up the sexy at least ten times more.
Number two on our list is definitely Addison’s most recent Elle Women in Hollywood red carpet look. Also, we must say black is Addison’s colour!
The tasteful skin show with a midriff cut, sneaky underboob and the high slit just ooze chicness in this one. We also love how the celeb accessorized the look with some minimalistic silver jewellery. But, what we love more is that Addison is wearing the best accessory of them all – her whole-hearted smile.
Although this look is one of the three on this list, we think the TikTok star could have dressed up a bit more.
While the Versace x Fendace design looks breathtaking on Addison, some kind of bold hairstyle with a hair accessory could have turned the heat up even more.
A chic high ponytail with the hair rings similar to what Ariana is wearing in the picture below would have screamed goddess chic for this one. Also, the hair rings would have looked better in shining gold for Addison’s Fendace look.
Well in our opinion this was still better looking than the Met Gala dress.
Addison pulled off this stunning black, partial see-through gown at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards. Like most of her high rated looks, the star went for an underboob cut design with this one.
The thong-style velvety black lace imprinted on the dress sure adds more depth to the look, while the mesh and see-through sides look great too.
But, is it just us or does Addison look uncomfortable in this outfit?
Well, this looks more like a date night dress. However, we are grateful that Addison wore it to the red carpet of her teen movie premiere and not a music or movie award show.
Also, wearing this dress would make us want to do the Cha-Cha dance, wonder if Addison felt the same way!
We had to address the elephant in the room.
This look was a big fashion faux pas and we are pretty sure the He’s All That star realized that too. In our opinion, this dress should not have made the cut for any other red carpet event, let alone the Met Gala one.
But, we love the her blond locks. The hair is probably the only thing that makes this look bearable on the eyes.
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