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Roz Purcell planning dramatic hair change as she shares bald patch update –

Roz Purcell is set to make a dramatic change to her hair after sharing the latest update on her bald patch.
The former Miss Universe Ireland has used her platform to discuss many things around body positivity.
One aspect has been that of her bald patch, which she said was falling out ‘in chunks’.
Her hair journey has been one her fans have been keen to follow, wanting to know what she did to get rid of the bald patch.
Roz previously shared her hair ‘rootine’ and has now given a further update — even suggesting a new look to celebrate the progress.
‘Healthy hair update (in need of a trim though),’ she began.

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‘It’s been 16 months since the bald patch appeared, getting extensions out and treating my scalp/ hair like I would a skin care routine!’
Roz went on the list the various products she used to help her hair growth, including Irish supplements Annurti, Water Man’s shampoo and conditioner along with the serum scalp spray — however, she is no longer using those products and is back to her regular shampoo.
The influencer went on to include a scalp massager and a big shower comb from Trua which she still uses today.
Also in her ‘routine is a derma roller ‘for the bald spot’ which she uses with a scalp serum.
‘Along with being more conscious of heat and using better tools,’ she continued.
‘I got all the help from @truahair on what to use so thank you! Still looking to grow it another 10 inches to thicken the ends out.
‘Next step curl girl method? Is it long enough? A fringe?’
In the comments, many thanked Roz for sharing the products and tips while others shared their own hair loss experiences — from alopecia, stress, and other conditions.
Roz suffers from alopecia areata, a disorder which causes hair loss. She has said her condition is linked to stress and that she lost the eyelashes on one of her eyes two years ago.


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