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Waves, mohawks and hairpieces – why male hair extensions are popular | Drum – News24

Friday, 22 October
21 Oct

This first appeared in the print edition 
It’s often seen as a woman’s crowning glory. Curly, braided, wavy, straight or a ’fro, the right hairstyle can change your attitude and bring with it a whole lot of confidence. But for men, hair is often something they know they’ll have to bid goodbye to one day. The older they get, the further their hairline goes, with many choosing to just shave it all off rather than highlight their bald spots.
That is, until the man weave came along. The men-wearing-weaves trend has been quietly gaining momentum overseas, with guys walking into salons halfbald and coming out looking like R&B legends or movie stars. And South Africans are quickly catching on, thanks to celebrity stylist Patrick Missile.
18 Oct
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