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Zandi Nhlapo on her signature decades-old bald hairdo and unbelievable beauty secrets – News24

Monday, 25 October
22 Oct
My mother is 59, but when I ask her if she still remembers Zandi Nhlapo, she answers: “The one with the brush-cut?”

I am left thoroughly impressed by both my mother and, of course, Zandi for clearly being a pioneer of this hairdo. During the days of continuity presenters in the late 90s, the young woman from Soweto, would appear with a bald hairdo – a brush-cut or buzz cut. This bold look has become Zandi’s signature look to date.
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“It makes everything easy,” she tells W24. Zandi, 46, has tried to grow her hair over the years, but that didn’t give her the simplicity and pleasure her staple hairdo does. “I tried growing my hair two years ago, and I’ve got thick, curly, unmanageable hair. Short hair is much more manageable for me. It simplifies my life,” she adds. It never gets boring, and she has played around with various styles, from colour to line designs.
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The businesswoman recently returned to screens on a local drama series, Imbewu, on e.TV. 
“To be quite honest, it felt like home and being welcomed by a long-lost love,” she says.
The first thought after seeing her was, she has to tell us what she is doing to stay looking this radiant. Upon interrogating her beauty secrets, Zandi makes an unexpected confession.
“A lot of people do not believe me, but I’m going to repeat it anyway. I’ve been using Camphor cream since I was 12 years old. That’s all my skin knows.” No ways! 
She adds: “My biggest secret is washing my face last, with cold water. I’d be lying if I said there’s anything else I’m using. Shall we maybe attribute everything to good genes?”
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Zandi has had her days in the limelight. She says fame can create a gaping hole in souls and significant insecurities that people hardly ever talk about. “Fame is not easy, and I wish that people were kinder to each other regardless of how well-known you are.
“It should be a normalised reciprocal human relation. Fame or not, we’re all human beings. We’re all dealing with our unique set of demons daily,” she says. The mother of three girls, her eldest daughter, Ntando, is her business partner in their business, Liquid Image Consulting. 
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This is what Zandi wants every woman to know: “Remember that you have no one to prove to that you’re a ‘strong’ woman. Be gentle with yourself. Let’s collectively try to operate from a place of empathy when you’re dealing with human beings, especially other women.
“Be kind. It costs you nothing, but it does not mean you should be anyone’s doormat. Speak up, and it’s the only way you can draw attention to a problem that needs to be overcome/solved. Let’s give each other a real chance, love, and help one another, we’re stronger and a force to be reckoned with when fixing each other’s crowns.” 
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