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Two former Packers teammates continue their collaboration –

Glenn’s a red head, and Ed Reid’s got the blues.
Arthur and Reid have fulfilled their part of the bargain in a very public way.
The Valley Has Heart Bald for Bucks Challenge has wrapped up with the pair keeping their hair, as a total of $32,844.75 was raised.
The sum met the initial 25 thousand dollar benchmark- but the two former Arnprior Packer teammates may well be glad they each get to keep their locks.
Stage Two of the challenge was buzz cuts, and Stage Three- to be shaved bald.
183 people were in attendance at the Nick Smith Centre to witness the event Friday night, to see the Packers skate past the Athens Aeros, 4-3- and witness the side entertainment put on by the 1960s team-mates who recently served as co-chairs of the ARHF Come Home to Great Care Campaign, beneficiary of the funds.



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