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Somerset mum becomes online influencer after alopecia diagnosis – ITV News

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A mum from Somerset has unexpectedly become a social media influencer after losing her hair to alopecia.
Since her diagnosis in 2017, Jo Tucker has gained more than 45,000 followers on Instagram who she offers tips and advice to about the best wigs on the market.
The mum-of-three from Paulton said: "I try to educate people as much as possible on caring for their wig or how to wear it, how to put it on or what to look for.
"I really believe that if you choose to wear a wig, usually it's around circumstances of something happening like hair loss, but if you can have a positive experience by wearing wigs – mentally it helps you."
There are multiple types of the alopecia condition, Jo has the most advanced kind called Alopecia Universalis. It causes the complete loss of hair on the scalp and body.
Around 150 people in every 100,000 live with a form of the condition.
Jo lost her hair within a period of two weeks, firstly in small amounts and then 'everyday in handfuls'.
"I started to wear wigs straight away because I didn't feel ready to be bald", she said.
"So the day that I got a wig I started the Instagram because I wanted to be really open about wearing them."
While Jo has fortunately not had any other serious health problems since her diagnosis, she found that little could be done about the hair loss.
She said: "I always say the wigs are my saviour and they're quite addictive.
"I found this way of reinventing myself every day by changing your hair."
Jo's Instagram page was initially followed by just friends and family, but it wasn't long before her platform started to grow.
"You just started meeting other people through wig companies or brands" she said.
"You would see others who also have alopecia and it's a bond you share. I've made some really good friends from it."

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