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New World Players Find That The Top Hat Makes You Bald – TheGamer

This is all just a ploy by Jeff Bezos to make the world bald.
There's nothing wrong with being bald. In fact, some people look better without a mop of hair on their heads. But New World is forcing baldness onto players who wear top hats thanks to a texture glitch.
Fans have been reporting clipping errors, texture problems, and all manner of issues in New World since launch. You have your long queue's, server errors, hefty tax, and a crumbling economy, sure, but going bald? That's where we draw the line.
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But maybe it's all a ploy. After all, Jeff Bezos is bald. Maybe he just wants to rope us into his cult of eggheads. Or it could be a bug. It's probably a bug. It's definitely a bug. Players are reporting that wearing a top hat removes their hair, overriding it with a bald texture. You can see a comparison below.
In the comments, players can be found regaling each other with tales of clipping textures and awkward armour pieces that don't quite work together.
"It's better than hair clipping through, but the number one spot is still taken by the syndicate plague doctor hood clipping through the hat," one user said.
"Happens with silk robes, too," another added. "If you remove the hat, your hair clips through the hood."
According to another commentor, removing your gloves also causes the silk hood to vanish. Regarding baldness again, another player swears it's proof everyone is wearing a wig. There could be something to that. Maybe Amazon will get around to patching it, but it certainly has bigger fish to fry.
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