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Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements offer a blend of vitamins and minerals to increase hair growth for individuals experiencing hair loss due to stress, inadequate nutrition, age, or environmental factors.
In addition to hair growth supplements, Viviscal develops other hair care products for those seeking to improve their hair’s overall look and feel. This article will explore hair growth supplements and some alternative options.
Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements, more commonly called Viviscal, contain the proprietary active ingredient AminoMar, a compound of marine extracts and polysaccharides. Its other ingredients include:
According to the company, there is clinical research suggesting that the supplement’s ingredients nourish thinning hair and promote hair growth, with noticeable benefits within 3–6 months.
More specifically, the Viviscal company claims its supplements:
While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not confirm these claims, Viviscal claims its products meet the FDA’s dietary supplement requirements.
The blood vessels attached to hair follicles nourish hair so that it can grow. Viviscal supplements claim to improve the nutrients that these hair follicles receive.
The Viviscal company explains that hair growth includes four stages:
No two hairs are in the same stage of the hair growth cycle at the same time. The company claim that its supplements extend a strand of hair’s time in the growth or anagen phase of the cycle. As people age, the length of the anagen stage typically decreases. When this occurs, hair has less time to thicken and build strength.
Research from 2015 indicates that certain nutrients, such as those in Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements, help sustain regular hair growth. More specifically, these nutrients may help increase the amount of hair and decrease shedding in women who reported hair thinning.
Additionally, studies indicate that supplements containing marine-derived protein and fish oil minimized hair loss in females but did not encourage hair growth. A 2019 review suggests vitamins and minerals have a significant but obscure role in hair follicle development.
The AminoMar, biotin, vitamin C, and zinc in Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements reportedly nurture hair follicles to encourage hair growth. These nutrients could also work to create stronger, healthier hair.
Viviscal claims there are various benefits from these ingredients:
Consumers and reviewers have identified the advantages and disadvantages of Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements.
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) currently gives the company a C- grade. On this review platform, Viviscal has a score of 1.25 stars out of 5, which comes from four customer reviews. All reviews on the BBB website are generally negative and cite problems with the company’s customer service.
There is currently one positive review on Trustpilot’s website, where the company has a score of 3.7 stars out of 5.
Viviscal supplements are reportedly easy to find and available at retail locations throughout the United States, including Walmart and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
Individuals can order Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements directly via the company’s website.
Viviscal currently offers a 3-month Nourishing Starter Kit subscription for around $40 per month. The subscription includes a 3-month supplement supply and 20% off Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying products. A person can cancel the subscription or defer shipments at any time.
The Viviscal website also offers a Nourishing and Volumizing Premium Kit subscription for around $50 per month. This bundle includes a 3-month supplement supply, Gorgeous Growth Densifying shampoo and conditioner, and 20% off Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying products. Individuals can also cancel this subscription or delay shipments whenever they choose.
Available products similar to Viviscal supplements include:
No, supplements, in general, do not undergo regulation by the FDA in the same way as prescription medicines.
According to Viviscal, five clinical trials of its supplements tested its effects on 235 women and found no skin-related issues.
The company says there is no clinical evidence that its supplements promote eyebrow or eyelash growth.
Viviscal is not suitable for individuals with allergies to fish or shellfish. Though the product does not contain dairy, nuts, eggs, or wheat, the manufacturing site may use these ingredients in other products.
Viviscal supplements do not include gluten-containing ingredients, but the company may manufacture these products at sites that are not gluten free. For example, Viviscal Extra Strength supplements contain millet seed, which can aggravate gluten sensitivity.
The company does not recommend its supplements for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals.
Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements reportedly revitalize existing hair and encourage hair growth with a proprietary active blend of marine extracts, vitamins, and minerals. The company claims those who use the supplements benefit from increased hair growth and thicker hair in 3–6 months.
The supplements have received many positive consumer reviews. However, some individuals have complained that the supplements are ineffective and that the company does not provide adequate customer service.
Alternative products are available to purchase at various retailers, both in-store and online.
Last medically reviewed on October 28, 2021



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