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Good reasons not to worry about going bald –

OPINION: Other people’s looks are an endless source of fascination for all of us, which adds up to a lot of pressure.
That includes pressure to spend hard-earned money on looking our best.
I’ve never seen a particularly convincing figure for how much men and women spend on their beauty and hair regimes.
The numbers proposed range from modest to mind-blowing five, and even six-figure sums.
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I’ll tend to scoff a little at these, but finding out how much hair extensions can cost has made me wonder.
I stumbled on the tale of an unhappy woman who paid $1999​ for hair extensions to be attached to her own hair using keratin bonds.
It hadn’t gone well. Some of the bonds failed. Some of the extension fell out.
The woman went to the Disputes Tribunal to get her money back.
She did get $650​ back, largely because the salon didn’t tell the woman about the amazing amount of time it takes to get keratin bonds put in, or warn her of the risk the bonds would fail.
But $1999​?
That sum would pay for 12 or13 ​years of haircuts for me, and perhaps four years for my wife. Her haircuts seem to cost about the same per hour spent in the chair, but she spends a lot more time in the chair.
The woman’s case is a good reminder that the Disputes Tribunal is there to settle small claims up to $30,000​ quickly.
The case stood out to me because it was hair-related, and once a day at least, generally as I begin my day, I look into a mirror and sigh over the state of my once fulsome hair.
Ageing is an emotional and psychological journey everyone faces, and balding is often a milestone for men on that journey.
It’s not only self-esteem that’s challenged, but as a person ages, they start to feel nervous because they start to worry about ageism.
Factors like your height, your weight, and your conformity to physical norms of attractiveness can have an impact on career success and earnings.
And yet, baldness is at the lower end of the scale when it comes to impact.
Bald men are often rated as less attractive by women, but reading between the lines, this could be just an age effect, with younger heterosexual women tending to prefer younger men.
Bald men, however, tend be ranked as being more authoritative, experienced, intelligent and wealthy.
This has led to theories that growing bald is actually an evolutionary advantage.
This is a consolation for my thinning state, and for my wallet.
People do spend a bit on fighting baldness using treatments like implants and hair pills, or even having hair tattoos.
I briefly toyed with the most common $20-a-month prescription drug for slowing hair loss, but ultimately decided I’d age as gracefully and naturally as I could.
I’ll spend a few grand less in the coming decade, which invested will see it worth quite a bit more, and I’ll not have to wonder at the wisdom of interfering with the ordinary hormonal processes of my body.
Popping a pill every morning also contributed to my awareness of ageing.
And when I do pick up that razor, and decide that the remnants of my hair must go, I’ll aim to carry off my bald with the same aplomb that several of my friends do.
Their examples show a little eclat, a straight posture, not carrying excess weight, an intense and interested engagement in life, (and in one case a splendid beard), all more than compensate for a deficit of follicles.
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