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I was bald four years ago – now my hair is two feet long – Hull Live

But the secret to his luscious locks is nothing special
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A Hull university student who calls himself 'maneiac' shaved his head before growing over 20 inches of hair.
Pranav Biji, 26, who lives in Hull city centre, is passionate about hair care but says it only takes two simple things – shampoo and conditioner.
The marketing and advertising student, who's hair is now the "longest it's ever been", gets lots of attention across Hull for his epic mane, but is sadly also often subjected to "rude comments".
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Pranav moved to Hull from India last month when he began studying for his postgraduate degree.
Aside from his studies, the shampoo enthusiast is now looking to land a modelling gig to show off his hair growth.
The 26-year-old shaved his head back in 2017 and 20 inches later he has the hair he "absolutely loves".
Speaking about his hair care journey, Pranav said: "I have always had longer hair than my peers but this is the first time that I have grown it out this long.
"I just love my hair and I am not doing this to look good or anything. I love to take care of it. In the current world we can get any information we want but just spend some time on it, that's all.
"When I first started growing it I would get rude comments.
"Back in India it was not very normal to have long hair as a man so they called me a girl. People would ask me if I couldn't afford to have a hair cut."
The student often shares tips on his Instagram page, and surprisingly doesn't use many products on his hairstyle.
Offering tips, Pranav added: "The fun part is I don't use products on my hair other than shampoo and conditioner.
"I believe you need to brush your hair everyday to keep it untangled and I oil once or twice a week depending on how dry my hair gets. Patience is key here, you need to spend time on it and take proper care.
"One of the most interesting parts is you don't really have to wash your hair very often because your scalp has its own oil and that's what helps with hair growth."
The student said: "If you wash it very often then you will have a dry scalp and could lead your hair to thinning in the long run. Personally on this hair journey of four years I saw I just need to wash it once or twice a week without any problems.
"We all need to experiment and try different routines and finally land on the perfect one."
The hair care lover was approached by modelling agencies back in India, and now hopes to get scouted in Hull too.
He added: "People often ask why I don't model and it is true that I haven't really put effort in to find the opportunities here yet, but now I am looking."
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