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This Week In New World: Gambling, Magical Baldness, And More – TheGamer

The biggest stories from New World this week.
From Earth to space to video games – you can’t escape Jeff Bezos no matter where you go. This week, players found a cheeky reference to the bald billionaire hidden away in the game, albeit one that probably wasn’t actually intended.
Other than that, the discourse about the in-game economy continues. Some players are taking drastic measures to keep ahead of tax payments, but that might cause more problems than it solves.
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Well, it was only a matter of time. Inevitably, every MMO seems to get used for gambling. However, some players have reported that entire servers are being used as in-game casinos already, likely due to the issues with the economy.
According to a Reddit user playing in Windsward, it has become a “haven for those wanting to try their luck and maybe win a fortune." Specific ‘casino areas' are set up by players, where they gather and roll dice. The loser has to hand over whatever was wagered. Anyone who simply runs off in defeat without awarding the winnings is apparently shunned by the community.
New World glitches are nothing new, but this one is so insignificant that it’s just funny. If you keep swiping your cursor over an icon on the map, it will keep getting bigger. It never stops, and can end up taking over a good portion of the map. Another player figured out why this is happening: the logo is meant to get bigger when you have your cursor on it, and revert back to normal when you take it off. However, if you swipe on and off it quickly enough, then the size increase keeps stacking, as it is based on the current size, not the initial size.
Had enough of property tax? One player has a solution: don’t own property. Sure, it’s not quite as glamorous as Bezos’ tax dodging, but it will save you some gold nonetheless. As spotted in Windsward, a player has managed to pitch up a campsite in town, as opposed to out in the wild where they’re meant to be. If you can pull this glitch off too, then you’ve got yourself quite the money saver – there’s no tax against setting a tent up in the middle of the street, apparently.
The balds are just too powerful. One of their own being among the richest men in the world isn't enough, however, as they’re trying to make us join their ranks now. New World players have discovered that a top hat will force their character to be bald, no matter what hairstyle they had before. This pretty glaring texture problem isn’t the only one spotted by players. While the top hat renders you hairless, other articles of clothing have the hair clipping through the hat itself. Some hypothesize that this means everyone in New World is actually wearing a wig, perhaps indicating that this is a dystopian universe where everyone is cursed to look like Bezos.
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Bowser came after them. We’re not sure which one though.
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