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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 1 – 5 –

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In’s newest Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, November 1, through Friday, November 5, Quinn learns a secret that has her doling out an ultimatum, Hope earns a tongue-lashing from Steffy when she gives Finn an alternate viewpoint on Sheila, and Deacon takes a huge risk when he makes a bold move that his coconspirator never saw coming! Read on to discover why Brooke will delve into her past and more.
Hot Topic: It’s time to choose sides… are you #TeamQuinn or #TeamLogans? Plus, we discuss what Hope did that earned her some major brownie points.
Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, October 29:
Katie, Carter dinner B&B
In Friday’s recap, a threatening Quinn confronts Donna and warns she’ll never *ever* see Eric again. Plus, Katie and Carter grow closer after she divulges a secret!
Eek. Quinn goes ballistic when she learns of Brooke and Donna’s interference. Could this be setting up the latest in a series of battles between the Logan blondes and the badass brunette? While we can’t help but feel for Eric, who will be caught in the crossfire, we kinda hope so!
When Katie finds an unexpected friendship beginning to blossom, it can only be with kindred spirit Carter, who has also been unlucky in love. Might romance bloom for the new pals, who are both looking for something entirely different and who both value loyalty and commitment more than their past significant others?
Tears and tissue alert! The Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy’s heartbreaking crossover death that stands to kill fans! Plus, a teaser photo from the next episode of Grey’s.
Holy Bleep! We’re getting a new soap full of big drama and even bigger hair! Find out why we’re so excited and when it premieres inside.
Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, November 1:
Katie and Carter’s bond grows stronger, which can only mean that they’re headed for a romance — and eventually a living-room wedding — unless something gets in the way. Perhaps that something will turn out to be a very determined Dollar Bill Spencer?
Uh-oh. Quinn goes on the attack with Donna after learning a secret about Eric. Will the blonde cower in the face of her honey bear’s wife and her wrath, or will she lock horns and fight for the “love of her life”?
Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, November 2:
Yikes! Steffy flips out at Hope for meddling in her decision about Sheila to Finn. If you’re wondering what the clash might look like, perhaps you’ll find clues in our photos of Steffy and Hope’s rivalry through the years.
Quinn’s ultimatum about Donna catches Eric off-guard. It kinda sounds like she might want her rival fired and for Eric to never see her again. But is that really fair, considering that he allowed Quinn to see Carter when she was feeling unfulfilled? What’s good for the goose…
CBS favorite reveals backstage secrets, whether she’d return to soaps, who ‘was so crazy fun’ to work with and a big project ahead!
Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, November 3:
Donna is hopeful and excited that Eric wants to reunite, but will a reconciliation really be in the cards? It almost seems too easy, so color us skeptical that the middle Logan sister will get her “happily ever after.”
When Hope and Steffy get heated about Deacon and Sheila, will Finn and Liam get involved? And if so, will the beleaguered hubbies side with their respective spouses or defect, making a bad situation even worse?! Oh nooo… could we about to be forced to add an item to our long list of Liam’s most boneheaded moves of all time (itemized in this facepalm-inducing photo album)?
Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, November 4:
When Sheila reveals the next part of her master plan to an incredulous Deacon, we have to wonder if this is will be where he’ll decide to get off the ride. Or should we say attempt to get off, given that Sheila has already warned him that she always gets what she wants! (Hmm… is that why she was able to reunite with Eric… and is so close to daughter Mary… and put Lauren Fenmore six feet under… and… )
In an emotional display, Brooke dives into her and Deacon’s past with their daughter, Hope. This sounds like a fun walk down memory lane for us and an eye-opener, perhaps, for her daughter. Will Hope’s determination to forge a relationship with her father be swayed by what her mother shares with her? Wonder what Hope would think if she knew the whole story about Deacon — as in the one that we reveal in our photo gallery of his misspent life.
Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, November 5:
Really, guys? Good luck with that! After Ridge and Liam make a pact about Steffy, Hope and Brooke, it’s a safe bet that the guys’ mettle will be tested.
Deacon frustrates a scheming Sheila by making a bold move of his own. It’s a calculated risk if there ever was one, given that the she-devil’s accomplices tend to end up dead when they displease her. Should Deacon need a reminder of just how dangerous Sheila is, this photo gallery of her reigns of terror might bring him chillingly up to speed.
— Candace Young/Charlie Mason
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