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Festive Hair Care Gift Boxes by The Earth Collective – Bold Outline

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Exclusively curated, The Nourishment Collective is a 5 step ritual with handpicked products to nourish your hair. Breathe new life into your hair with The Protein Nourishment Hair Mask that will not only nourish but also strengthen your locks with ingredients like milk and almond. Cleanse your scalp and condition your hair with our Nourishing Hair Cleanser and conditioner, which will make your hair soft and smooth. Lock in every ounce of goodness with our Scalp Tonic, a hydrating toner & scalp energiser that soothes the scalp. And start your day with a shine and tame those unruly strands with our Overnight Hair Illuminator. The Nourishment Collective is a balance of all that your hair needs to regain its health.

The Nourishment Collective Box contains:
1. Scalp Tonic (Ashwagandha, Jojoba & Multi-Vitamins) – 100ml
2. Hair Cleanser – Nourishing (Goji Berry, Brahmi & Alfalfa) – 100ml
3. Hair Conditioner – Nourishing (Goji Berry, Brahmi & Alfalfa) – 100ml
4. Hair Mask – Protein Nourishment (Milk, Almond & Soya) – 200ml
5. Overnight Hair Illuminator (Pine bark, Soya protein & Rosemary) – 100ml
Price: Rs 3,550

The Earth Collective is a premium Indian brand of hair care products brought to you from around the world.
At the Earth Collective, each product is created as a unique blend of the goodness of nature combined with the efficacy of science. Not only have they looked back at the tradition of using Indian Ayurvedic ingredients and herbs but have also drawn inspiration from ancient beauty rituals from around the globe using exotic ingredients as well. Advanced scientific research has gone into amalgamating all these worlds and their traditions to bring you solutions for all your hair woes using the best possible methodologies. “Every product is focused on nourishment as we believe that truly beautiful hair comes from a nourished scalp.
And we believe that hair care is for everyone, men and women alike”.
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