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I went from being bald to growing luscious 20-inch locks – here are my secrets to getting the perfect m… – The US Sun

A MAN claims he has the secret to growing luscious locks after going from being bald to the proud owner of 20 inch tresses.
Pranav Biji, a university student living in Hull, has become known for his glossy head of hair and claims that his glorious mane is all down to just two things; shampoo and conditioner.
The 26-year-old, who calls himself a "maneiac", says he shaved his head completely in 2017 and has spent the last four years growing his 20-inch long hair that often has people stopping in their tracks.
Pravna, who recently moved to Hull from India to study for his post-graduate degree, has now made it his mission to share his haircare tips with others and claims to have the guide to "perfect hair" on his Instagram page.
The aspiring model, studying marketing and advertising, claims his hair is now "the longest it's ever been" and he "absolutely loves" it, even if some people used to mock him for it.
He explained that he used to get nasty comments about his locks, with people cruelly asking him if he "couldn't afford" to get a haircut, Hull Live reports.
Speaking about his hair, Pranav said: "I just love my hair and I am not doing this to look good or anything. I love to take care of it.
"When I first started growing it I would get rude comments. Back in India it was not very normal to have long hair as a man so they called me a girl.
"People would ask me if I couldn't afford to have a hair cut."
Brushing off his haters, Pranav proudly shows off his hair on social media and swears by not washing it too often and swerving hair products entirely to make it grow.
It was not very normal to have long hair as a man so they called me a girl. People would ask me if I couldn't afford to have a hair cut
He claims the key to achieving long locks like his in just a few years is not using any products – just shampoo and conditioner when he washes it.
However, he only washes his hair once a week.
"You don't really have to wash your hair very often because your scalp has its own oil and that's what helps with hair growth," Pranav claimed.
He revealed that he brushes his hair everyday to stop it from tangling and oils his hair one or twice a week "depending on how dry" it gets.
Adding that "patience is key", Pranav encouraged fellow hair lovers to "experiment and try different routines" to find what works for them.
He advised: "You need to spend time on it and take proper care."
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