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Kanye West Shows Off His Outlandish New Haircut In Miami – iHeartRadio

By Megan Stinson
October 30, 2021
The artist formerly known as Kanye West may be an artistic genius, but he is also eccentric. After legally changing his name to "Ye" earlier this month, the rap legend has now showcased his bizarre tendencies this week as he met up with N.O.R.E. and sported a new haircut, which sees his head with numerous bald spots making an incomprehensible shape. The back of his head now matches his mis-matched eyebrows, which both feature wide slits.
Fans of the rapper have long stopped trying to figure out what, exactly, goes through West’s head when he goes out to make artistic statements. And while it’s difficult to make sense of West’s new haircut that sort of looks like a backwards lowercase "H," one thing is for sure, he’s definitely turning heads. See his new look here!
The rapper has been making headlines recently while regularly sporting a prosthetic mask that once again had everyone looking his way. At the very least, West always knows how to have all eyes on him. Perhaps Ye will sport yet another new look on his next outing.
West opted to change his name to simply be "Ye" due to what he cited as "personal reasons." His petition had first been filed in August, and approved in October. The rapper feels connected to "Ye" because he cites it as the most commonly-used word in the Bible, and the name had also been the title of his eight studio album.
Meanwhile, West is also diving into education as he announced he would be opening his own school, Donda Academy. The rapper had been scouting properties between Moorpark and Simi Valley in Los Angeles so that he could have a campus, and his school has already recruited four elite basketball prospects, including Zion Cruz, Jahki Howard, Robert Dillingham, and Jalen Hooks. While not much else is known about the school, a basketball game between Donda Academy and Sierra Canyon School, where Lebron James‘ son, Bronny James, attends, had been scheduled to take place at Los Angeles’ Staples Center in 2022.
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