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Toy Story Fans Can’t Deal With Buzz’s Hair Reveal in Lightyear Trailer – Screen Rant

Toy Story fans share their thoughts on social media about Buzz’s hair reveal in Lightyear trailer, saying “I thought his skin was purple and bald.”
Fans of Pixar’s beloved film franchise, Toy Story, cannot deal with Buzz Lightyear’s hair reveal in the recently released Lightyear trailer. Pixar’s latest film is a standalone story that describes the “definitive origin story” of Buzz and his beginning days as a Space Ranger in Star Command. While Tim Allen brought the toy to life in the Toy Story franchise, Chris Evans is set to star as Buzz in Lightyear. However, a new voice isn’t the only thing different about the fearless Space Ranger.
Known for his iconic space suit with working buttons and purple and fluorescent green color scheme, Buzz was first introduced in 1995’s Toy Story. The popular action figure, who is gifted to Andy (John Morris), believes himself to be a real Space Ranger before finally discovering the truth about his toy origins. Coincidently, Buzz’s name is a culmination of the real life astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, the second person to walk on the moon, and the real space term light-year. Now, Buzz is heading back to the big screen, but this time, he’s no longer a toy, which means he’s been given hair, amongst other things.
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While Pixar’s Lightyear trailer revealed a lot of things about the upcoming movie, the one thing most fans couldn’t handle was Buzz’s hair reveal. Seen a few time throughout the trailer without his helmet, Buzz shows off his full head of hair. In shock, Toy Story fans took to social media to share their thoughts. One fan said, “My childhood has been destroyed,” while another said, “I feel like I’ve been lied to my whole life.” Not all the posts were negative, however, with one user sharing, “Who knew Buzz was a total DILF.”
Buzz Lightyear has hair!? I did not expect this
Good Morning world #buzzlightyear @ChrisEvans
Buzz Lightyear….has hair???
Buzz Lightyear has hair and I don’t know how to feel.
You’re telling me Buzz Lightyear has HAIR?! No one talk to me #Lightyear 💫
In every appearance Buzz has made in the Toy Story franchise, including the four movies and various shorts and TV shows, he’s worn his iconic space suit with the purple head covering. Essentially summarizing an entire generation’s warped perception of the character, one Twitter user shared, “I thought his skin was purple and bald.” While the Buzz in Pixar’s upcoming Lightyear is a real person, fans of the original franchise weren’t ready to see what’s underneath the purple covering. Although the hair may be different, there are other aspects the character shares with his action figure counterpart. For example, the most obvious similarity is the strong “action hero” chin with the little dimple near the bottom. Both characters also share a set of deep blue eyes.
Buzz’s follicle-based confusion may have distracted some users, however, it ultimately didn’t take away the excitement of the trailer. Accompanied by David Bowie’s classic song “Starman,” the trailer sets up Buzz’s real life adventures that his Toy Story counterpart could only dream of. Nonetheless, fans can expect to see the Space Ranger’s hair in all its glory once Lightyear releases in June of 2022.
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