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From Sonam Kapoor Ahuja in Neerja to Parineeti Chopra in Meri Pyaari Bindu, from Katrina Kaif to Sara Ali Khan, celebrity make-up artist Arti Nayar has a portfolio to boast of. Landing in Calcutta recently, she wishes to juggle her work between the two cities — Calcutta, where she grew up and Bombay, where she started working. Ditching the usual red, black and blue for Diwali, the beauty pro created a fresh, edgy and contemporary Diwali hair and make-up mood board for t2, complementing a range of pastel-coloured outfits. The looks enhanced with colourful and fresh flowers give a hint of the winter months coming up and the time to get experimental with floral looks. Model Priti Jana plays muse.
Soothing pastel pink looks
Ethnic with a dash of exuberance, the look in this pretty pink embroidered outfit was done with shades of pink and purple on the eyes, curled lashes and peach shade on the cheeks. Lots of highlighter and messy pulled-back pony complete the look.
“Youngsters can follow this for an Indian ethnic Diwali party or for any other occasion,” added Arti.
What’s better than bling to jazz up the Diwali night look?! The zing of the pastel pink bling sari was balanced out with subdued make-up in this ultra-glam look. A nude base on the eyes with rose gold and pink glitter. A muted lip-bold eye look, with gold highlight to accentuate the skin tone. The glittery look was completed with curled lashes on the eyes and a bunch of flowers on the hair, styled with one-side parting. “Go big or go home!  There are women out there who want to be bold with their make-up. It looks amazing as long as you know the technique and how to highlight certain colours. Here the eyes are made to stand out,” said Arti.
“The lookbook is inspired by the festive season, be it for enjoying a close-knit gathering at home or for going out. We kept the look very floral and very pastel. I feel, you can change your hairstyle just by adding some flowers in the hair for a great festive look. We have demonstrated looks that young women can do with their pastel outfit with just a hint of colour on the eyes or a little bit of glitter to elevate your festive look. People usually go for darker tones, every year you want to do red, purple or brighter colours for Diwali but there’s such subtlety, beauty and elegance in pastels, which personally I love too. If you are doing pastels then what to do for hair and make-up is what we wanted to show,” said Arti Nayar.
For this pastel pink outfit detailed with white embroidery, the mood board was fresh and charming, with subtle make-up and accentuated eyes. Nudish-pink eyeshadow with a hint of rose-gold glitter, highlighted with smuged-winged eyeliner and a hint of brown complete the eye make-up, with super curled eyelashes and two coats of mascara. Blush, highlighter and nudish-pink lips give it a dewy finish. The hair was textured and worn open with curls and fresh flowers on the side.
“For those who don’t really want to experiment with make-up yet want to keep it pretty and elegant, the flowers change the whole vibe of the look. The look is very versatile and works for both day and night. 
Highlighter can be avoided for the day look. Diwali functions are much more intimate during the day and this look can be tried for that,” suggests Arti.
“Since it’s Diwali, everything has to be glam yet chic. Keeping that in mind, I styled these looks with blush pink bralette and lehnga for a subtle-glam look, a shimmery olive Anarkali… an accentuated lip colour gives the look a total festive touch. I chose the bling sari for the amazing dazzling eye make-up look and lovely one-side parted hair with some flowers and finally, with the pink embroidered ensemble, lovely ombre eyes and a messy ponytail elevate the look. I completed the looks with statement jewellery pieces that gave a modern and classic touch along with the silhouettes that are very festive and modern looking — Sumit Sinha, stylist
Arti’s Diwali make-up tips for t2 readers:
1) Use pop colours but use only on your eyelid. You don’t want the colour on your entire eye, just highlight.
2) Use glitter in the inner corner of your eyes to open up the eyes. It looks more dramatic like that.
3) Use a highlighter that doesn’t have chunky crystals in it. It should be smooth and super blended in your skin.
4) Get a beautiful red lipstick, experiment with bold lips.
5) If you want super curled eyelashes, tightly curl them twice and then put two coats of mascara.
Arti’s hair and make-up tips for getting it right with your pastel outfits:
1) Amp up the look by adding an element to the hair — textured ponytail, curls or blow-dry.
2) Either experiment with the lips or eyes. Winged liner, bold lips or a no-make-up look with red lips.
3) For pastel outfits, choose colours like brown and deep green for your looks.
4) Ideally, stay away from cream highlighters. The weather is still humid and hot. If the function is outdoors, it looks like sweat on the skin. Matte lipsticks are advisable, it really adds a lot of depth to the eyes.
Pictures: Pabitra Das
Styling: Sumit Sinha
Hair and make-up: artinayar(On Instagram)
[email protected]
Location: JW Marriott Kolkata
Outfits: Citrine multi-designer store
Jewellery:Virrayya Jewellery
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