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Animal Crossing Hair Doesn't Disappear When You Put On A Hat – TheGamer

Games seem to struggle when it comes to hats and hair, but Nintendo has it all figured out.
Animal Crossing has managed to do something even New World failed to – accommodating hairstyles when wearing hats. We reported on the top hat bug in Amazon's MMO that turned players bald but fans of Animal Crossing are delighted to find that hair doesn't vanish mysteriously.
Granted, hair seems to be all the rage with the new Animal Crossing update that dropped a bit earlier than planned. Nintendo added new Black hairstyles that have been a hit with fans given the lack of representation across the medium, while others are now praising this attention to detail.
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The video embedded below shows a player putting on a cap with a bun, revealing that the bun moves from the top to the bottom. Others in the comments point out that the braided bun-loop (which you get from Harriet) does the same.
To get the braided bun-loop, you have to venture out to Harv's Island. Harriet is one of the new vendors there who will teach you how to flash up your style. You get on the red chair by the campfire to get a new hairstyle and you can do so once per day.
Others point out the bald glitch across the board – apparently, it's a problem in Guild Wars 2 as well. Looks like Amazon isn't alone in its vendetta to make the world look like CEO and entrepreneur Jeff Bezos.
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I should be able to customise my trainer into a Firebreather if I want to
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