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TikTokers are using a popular skincare product on their hair — and it seems to be working – Yahoo Entertainment

A popular skin care ingredient has gone viral on TikTok thanks to its hair benefits. Beauty TikTok is ripe with quick fixes and hacks that sometimes work and sometimes flop. Now people are singing the praises of using hyaluronic acid to restore their damaged hair. if you’re trying to keep your hair hydrated adding the ingredient into your regimen may help. Luckily, if you feel like experimenting, hyaluronic acid is pretty affordable. TikToker Katilyn Boyer used The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum and recorded her results. The result spoke for itself. The ends of her hair went from looking a bit dehydrated to appearing sleek, shiny and healthy. Dermatologist Dr. Shah confirmed Boyer’s theory that hyaluronic acid can help the hair. “This hack is particularly good for people with dry or damaged hair and it’s safe for color-treated hair,” Dr. Shah said. TikToker @veexbby3 used hyaluronic acid on her bleached and dyed hair and it transformed in just seven days
25 beauty gifts to buy on Amazon for every person on your shopping list this Holiday season. The good news is that most reasonable people enjoy gifts in the form of lipstick or beauty sets, and Amazon stocks up on some of the best. Here, you'll find 25 of the best beauty gifts you can get overnighted for every type of person you're supposed to buy for on your list.
Earlier this week, Thirteen Lune, a direct-to-consumer beauty platform that was launched last year in LA with $1 million in seed funding from Diddy, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beautycounter founder Gregg Renfrew, announced $3 million in additional seed funding. First, its co-founder is Nyakio Grieco, a veteran of the cosmetics industry who earlier launched a skin-care brand that she sold to Sundial Brands, which is now part of Unilever.
Lemon juice, baking soda, sea salt, and tea are all great hair-lightening agents. It feels like chic braids are so much more flattering on them, but I'm too scared to lose my hair-color virginity and lighten my dark hair. If you're also brunette with naturally dark hair, I suggest you do the same.
Having thicker and stronger hair is a goal for many. Here, learn about expert-approved tips and products to help you get thicker hair.
A hairdresser says we've been washing our hair totally wrong this whole time. Kami Kirschbaum is a 22-year-old beauty influencer and hairdresser, . she posted a 17-second TikTok video in her shower to give professional advice on how to shampoo your hair correctly. she posted a 17-second TikTok video in her shower to give professional advice on how to shampoo your hair correctly. Apparently, the average joe isn't doing nearly enough to properly cleanse their hair. "Do not wash your hair like this! Just rubbing shampoo in and hoping for the best will leave your hair super dirty," Kirschbaum said. She showed herself massaging the shampoo onto the top of her head using her palms. This was the big no-no. "Use your fingertips to scrub that scalp," she advised. "I always wash two to three times until I feel everything's squeaky clean. "You have to get underneath! This is the most forgotten part" . Kirschbaum lifted her hair and used her fingertips to work in the shampoo. The video received 1.4 million views on TikTok. Many admitted they had no idea they were using an incorrect washing method. The video received 1.4 million views on TikTok. Many admitted they had no idea they were using an incorrect washing method. "I wash the first way, oops! Changing immediately!" one user wrote
For everything from dryness to hyperpigmentation.
The approval this week by the Food and Drug Administration for a vaccine for children will be the impetus for some parents to return to work.
Grab your wallets and secure some WiFi because you won't want to miss Sephora's latest sale.
Sitting on a $10,000 cloud is as great as it sounds, if you can afford it
Sephora shoppers agree that this hydrating cream delivers intense hydration and great value.
Sephora's biggest sale of the season starts today for Rouge Members, and we've got all the details.
Rebel Wilson opened up about maintaining her weight loss, her fertility journey and advice for starting your own "Year of Health."
Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner asked the public for time to conduct a "proper investigation" into the mass casualty event.
Add them to your shopping list.
Many famous figures in sports and entertainment say they prefer crunches, push-ups, and cardio to weightlifting in their workout routines.
Women aren't just baby-making machines, FYI.View Entire Post ›
Dr Sherri Tenpenny said she got ill after "serious COVID exposures," over the summer and fall, during which she said she described visiting airports.
Douglas Jantz, 57, a retired middle school teacher from Houston, has been playing tennis since he was 9. He is serious about his game, so he was worried when his knees started to hurt. Eventually, he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA). "Tennis is my favorite sport, so I was very upset," he says. "I was really afraid I would have to give it up."Subscribe to The Post Most newsletter for the most important and interesting stories from The Washington Post. A cortisone shot and physical therapy d
After nearly losing his life to COVID-19, Ben Fisher has changed his mind about getting vaccinated against the virus.
After finding out she had a tumor in her adrenal gland, the author went in for surgery to remove it. The surgeon removed the wrong gland.


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