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Tottenham target Antonio Conte’s hair through the years, from full thatch at 20 to balding at Juventus to t… – The Sun

HE could be hair today, gone tomorrow.
Antonio Conte, 52, is believed to be leading the race to take over the reigns at Tottenham.
Nuno Santo has been given his marching orders after a woeful start to his reign.
And while Spurs fans have been pulling their hair out in recent weeks, you can bet Conte won't be grabbing at his if he replaces Nuno.
The Italian tactician's thatch has been the talk of the football world through the years.
From when he started as a player at Lecce with fuller hair to a comb over at Juventus and now a mop as a manager, SunSport looks at Conte's ever-changing hairstyles through the years.
At the tender age of just 20, Conte began his football career with his hometown club Lecce.
Ahead of the 1988-89 season, he posed for a club photo – showing off an impressively thick head of hair a Hollywood film star would've wanted.
At this point, there was very little indication he was losing any.
Within five years, a bald spot appears to be forming on the top of Conte's head.
He decides the best thing for it is to shave his hair, perhaps to disguise the balding.
Still, he is as competitive as ever – flying into a tackle against rivals Inter Milan.
When representing your country, it's imperative you look the part.
Especially if that's at a World Cup, like this snap from 1994 was.
As Conte lined up against Mexico, there are some curls in there and although it's bushy on the side you can't help but see scalp on the front.
Deciding to grow his hair long now, Conte has blonde locks added for distraction. His hairline has taken a huge hit – perhaps with the added pressure of playing for Italy's most famous club.
This photocall snap from the mid-90s shows a definite thinning up top.
But he kept on growing it.
A goal against Manchester United in the Champions League is wildly celebrated by Conte whose hair is flapping around as he wheels away.
Interestingly, although there's not much on top there's lots to work with on the back and sides.
You could say he's just about getting away with it. Has he already had a hair transplant by this point?
Four years later, Conte has come up with a clever plan – one that worked well for Bobby Charlton many moons ago.
By growing longer strands of hair and splitting it into a side-parting coming out the sides it appears that he has more hair than before.
Certainly less scalp on show, that's for sure.
Conte took on the Arezzo post for his first job in management.
Many lose their hair after years of coaching in the game, but Antonio was a trend-setter in that regard.
He sported a shaved head, with clues that he might've had Follicular Unit Transplantation.
This is where strips of flesh are removed from the back of the head and then implanted into incisions in the area of the scalp affected by hair loss.
Five years later, and it's a miracle.
Looking very much like a stylish Italian banker, Conte is managing Juventus with a thicker hairdo.
There's a slight side-parting that hints there's more to come.
Another few years down the line, Conte is happily wearing a thick fringe in press conferences as Chelsea boss.
There's no curls, though, like he had in his youth – it's a dead straight hairdo.
Still, he appears happy with the results.
Confident Conte is now happy to lift his fringe and slick it back like an action hero.
As he kisses the FA Cup, there's absolutely no sign of thinning here – and he looks a bit like Dimitar Berbatov.
Sadly, it wasn't enough to avoid him getting the sack a few months later.
Today's Conte cuts a thicker-haired figure.
Bouffant up top, it's a million miles away from his wispy look some 25 years earlier.
At the unveiling of the Serie A title, Conte proudly showed off his mane – with not a bit of grey there.
Could taking the Tottenham job affect that though?
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