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Family Chantel: Winter Reveals Her Natural Beauty With Fresh Hairdo – Screen Rant

Winter Everett is popular among The Family Chantel fans for her weight loss journey, but she is now earning praise for her gorgeous natural curls.
Winter Everett is seeing her online popularity expand since The Family Chantel season 3, and the younger sister of series star Chantel Jimeno, née Everett, is taking new risks with fashion and beauty. Winter’s celebrated weight loss journey has seen her taking on brand sponsorships as she chronicles both her fitness progress in cute sets and her fashionable side in bold looks. However, Winter’s latest look was praised by fans for keeping things natural.
Winter launched her fitness journey at the beginning of the year, as the younger sister of Chantel dedicated herself to getting in shape. Since then, Winter has been open with her fans about hitting the gym and shedding pounds. Meanwhile, on The Family Chantel season 3, Winter is dealing with friction between her boyfriend Jah and her mother Karen Everett. Karen and Chantel are notoriously against Jah after the two women discovered he concealed his son from Winter after over half a decade of serious dating. However, Winter appears determined to make things work with her long-term boyfriend despite the deception.
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Winter took to her Instagram, @winterckyler, to share an image of herself with red glasses and full, natural hair. “Big hair don’t care!” Winter captioned the image that featured her in a light blue sweatshirt. As always, Winter’s younger brother River Everett commented his support. “Blue is my favorite color though okkkk 🔥🔥,” River wrote in one comment while he also chimed in with a second note. “My hair Is better! 😇🤘🏽,” the curly-haired rapped wrote to Winter. While Chantel and Winter have had some clashes in the past, River and Winter share a sweet sibling bond that they often display to her photo commenters.
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Though she has been sporting either a sleek bob or short curls lately, Winter also revealed a new style experiment in addition to her natural curls. Winter donned a long, blonde wig this week as she appears to be trying out new looks. The wig also served as part of her Halloween ensemble that saw Winter revealing her slimmed-down figure in a mermaid costume at a party. Winter’s fans are extremely supportive of her style evolution, and many celebrated her natural curls. “Natural beauty 💎✨,” one commenter wrote. “Rock it sis!” another fan chimed in. As Winter’s comment section indicates, she is regarded as one of the most beloved members of the Everett family.
The Family Chantel may be known for its drama, but Winter has become beloved to many fans since she launched her fitness journey. Unfortunately, her dating life is likely to continue to cause issues for her on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off show. Chantel and Karen behaved with complete hostility towards Jah when he accompanied Winter on a family trip, which left her in an awkward position. Winter’s sister and mother also don’t support the fact that she converted to Jah’s Nazarene faith. New episodes of The Family Chantel season 3 will reveal more about Winter and Jah’s bumpy relationship.
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The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.
Source: @winterckyler/Instagram
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