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Best Hairstyles For When You're In The Mood For A Ponytail | – Femina

We have a long-running affair with ponytails that traces back to probably when we were as young as three or four. A ponytail has been that comfort hairstyle for many and it’s absolutely great to see this simple style evolve so much that we have a bunch of ponytail styles to choose from. Whether short or long locks, there’s a chic and unique style for every hair type. Accessorising ponytails is one trend that we’re absolutely crushing over, but we love to switch between these favourites. Take a look.

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Easy, effortless and oh so impactful are the initial words that come to our head when we see this style. It’s absolutely easy to create and gives enough room to experiment and play around. Simply tie a low-lying messy ponytail on beach wave locks and pull out a few strands for a graceful look.


Here’s a ponytail inching its dramatic best. We love how this ponytail starts with a sleek look and moves towards a completely edgy and unique look. A mid-level slick ponytail has been tied up and the loose locks have been divided into equidistant layers for a bold look.

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Remember we said we love accessorising ponytails? Here’s one that is super simple to achieve and wear. Tie a low-lying neat ponytail on super voluminous and straight hair and add a huge clip-on to where you’ve secured the ponytail. That’s it!

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Add an element of quirk and newness to your simple ponytail and steal all the limelight around you. This low-lying messy and not-so-sleek ponytail has been uplifted with a twirling detail on one side throughout a set of strands. This simple to create style looks like a lot of effort was put in.

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Add a contrast like never seen before to your neat and sleek ponytail and achieve this ultra-glam look. All you need to do is tie a sleep low-lying ponytail. Next, revere brush the locks after adding copious sprays of texture and volumizing spray. Make sure to tame the baby hair using a hair serum.

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This hairstyle will give you a reminiscence of the 2010s when a puff element was the big thing. This hairstyle combines drama and simplicity perfectly with a puff at the crown area that merges into a high ponytail with messy locks towards the end. You can also go ahead and accessorise this with your favourite hair clips and more.
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