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These three women saw a combined hair growth of over 30cm in just 12 WEEKS – Daily Mail

Ad Feature by Starpowa

By MailOnline Reporter


They don’t refer to hair as your crowning glory for nothing – and even if you’re feeling tired or there’s been no chance to put on make-up, naturally healthy looking locks will always elevate how you look and, more importantly, the way you feel. 
The trouble is, if your hair isn’t in tip top condition, it’s pretty hard to fake a glorious flowing mane, and forget trying to grow it longer if you’re plagued with dry ends or strands falling out! 
But if you’re beginning to think your only hope is extensions – you don’t have to sell yourself – or your hair – short. 
The good news is that it doesn’t require going to great lengths to get longer tresses, thanks to a simple step you can add to your daily routine, and fans are swearing by it for healthier hair that’s easier to grow out. 
Here, three busy women tell MailOnline how they overcame their hair growth woes with gummies from the hugely popular vitamin company Starpowa, a fuss-free way to get results. 
All three wanted to grow their hair, but couldn’t get the lengths  they wanted due to problems such as shedding, dryness and split ends, but within 12 weeks, they noticed a huge improvement in the condition of their hair, and a very impressive combined growth of over 30cm. 
‘I had a bald patch, but now my entire head of longer, thicker hair is down to Starpowa. I’ll never stop taking it’
Caroline, 42, from Chelmsford, a freelance merchandiser and owner of small ethical clothing brand Smith Webb
Caroline, 42, from Chelmsford struggled with hair shedding after the birth of her second child (left), but after consistently taking Starpowa, her hair feels thicker and stronger, and the bald patch she developed is long gone (right)
‘After having two children, I felt really old, drained and scraggly. I had awful problems with my skin, I had rosacea.
‘Worse, after my second child my hair fell out. I had a bald patch around the size of a five pence piece – that was quite worrying. 
‘After you’ve had children, many women state that their hair feels thinner and in extreme cases, begins to fall out. I was one of the extreme cases.
‘I tried other vitamins and hair gummies, and gave them three months but didn’t see any difference.
Buy your supply of Hair, Skin & Nails – alongside other health focused Starpowa gummies – and see if you can notice a difference in 12 weeks 
‘With Starpowa I definitely saw improvement after one month, but after three months is where I really noticed a difference. My hair grows so much quicker and feels thicker. My skin had really benefitted, too. It feels less dry and angry.
‘It was really noticable and people commented on how well I looked. They’ve even asked if I’ve had “work done”. 
‘I’ve been taking Starpowa gummies since they came out and I won’t stop. Pretty much all the hair I have now is “Starpowa hair”! 
‘My hair is naturally curly, and I straighten it. The condition is definitely thicker and it grows quicker. You know you have ends that fall off? That doesn’t happen. My hair certainly feels stronger. 
‘I definitely feel less tired, and looking better means you don’t have to put as much make-up on, you’re not self conscious. 
‘The best thing about Starpowa is that it’s basically like eating sweets. I have them as a treat in the evening. 
‘I just take it for granted now, it’s like putting moisturiser on, it’s part of your routine. I wouldn’t want to stop. When you find something that works, especially when you get to my age you just keep going.’
‘Split ends made me lose my confidence, but now my hair is longer and shinier than ever’
Maricel Mckie, 35, a replenishment worker from Spalding Lincolnshire
Maricel started experiencing dry hair with lots of split ends that was impossible to grow because she had to keep trimming her locks to get rid of the dead ends (left). But after taking Starpowa, she gets so many compliments on her shiny, healthy hair and it’s growing much faster because it’s in good condition
‘I considered my long hair to be my best asset. Then I started getting so many split ends, it made me lose confidence because I felt unattractive. 
‘I would often bun up my hair so the split ends wouldn’t be obvious and sometimes, I would go to a salon for a trim because it was the only way to get rid of them. 
‘It was difficult to grow my hair because it was super dry and had noticeable split ends all over.
‘I tried using different shampoos and hair treatments, however they didn’t work out for my hair.
‘I saw an online advertisement about Starpowa and I clicked on it. At that time, I was having a massive problem with my split ends, and I though: “I would love to give this a try”.
‘After a month of using it, I noticed a difference. 

Whether you want to add some oomph to your shorter hair style with an extra inch or two, or dream of longer, flowing locks, it’s frustrating when you can’t seem to gain those extra lengths.  
Starpowa Hair, Skin and Nails gummies can help boost your hair’s condition so that you don’t have to worry about straggly ends ruining your look. 
The essential vitamins, key minerals, organic compounds and amino acids in Starpowa, alongside a healthy diet, can help provide the nutrients we need on the inside – making it much easier to look great on the outside.
And you don’t have to go to great lengths in your quest for longer hair – you simply need to add two gummies to your daily routine. 
But what are the amazing natural ingredients that give Starpowa its power?
Click HERE to find out the formula that’s helping women get the dreamy flowing locks that turn heads. 
‘In the first few months, there were fewer split ends and less hair fall. Now that I’m on my 15th month using Starpowa, my hair has become shinier and feels healthier than it was before.
‘Now I feel 100 per cent confident about my hair, because it smells good and it’s healthy and shiny. I don’t have any problems with split ends and hair fall anymore, and my insecurity is long gone.
‘Other people always notice how lovely and shiny my hair is.
‘With consistent use of Starpowa, you too could notice a long-lasting effect on your hair. My hair has become healthier and it grows faster because it isn’t as dry as before. 
‘It’s also very easy to make Starpowa a part of my routine, as I take it after meals.’
‘As a hairdresser I need to look my best and I’ve finally got the longer hair I wanted – without the fuss’ 
Hannah , 30, a freelance hairdresser from Northern Ireland 
Hairdresser Hannah, 30, from Northern Ireland was desperate to grow her hair longer to feel maximum confidence in her job, and saw results within 12 weeks of taking Starpowa 
‘As a hairdresser, I naturally want my own hair to look great – it’s the best advertisement for clients. 
‘I felt like my hair was in fine condition to begin with, but I wanted to grow it longer so that I could showcase more styles.  
‘I tried the rice water technique where you soak the grains and use the starchy water as a hair treatment. 
‘You would really have to persevere with it to get results, I think, and that’s not ideal when you have a busy schedule, 
‘I did try other hair vitamins but I didn’t like the taste so much, and I wasn’t really seeing results. 
‘Then I saw Starpowa advertised online and decided to check out the website. 
‘Once I started taking the gummies, I noticed a real difference in my hair growth in 12 weeks.
‘I thought my hair was in good condition to begin with, but I noticed when I took the vitamins that they made my hair feel much better – thicker and longer. 
‘And they tasted nice compared to other hair vitimins I have tried. 
‘The main improvement was in growth. My hair and nails both grew so much more quickly.    
‘It’s mainly me who notices the difference but it gives me lots of confidence in my job to feel good about my own hair.’ 
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