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The 9 most noteworthy new ‘Gossip Girl’ hairstyles, ranked – VOGUE Paris

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The best thing about the 2021 Gossip Girl reboot? The hairstyles. Here, British Vogue's beauty and wellness editor, Hannah Coates, delves into the 9 most noteworthy hairstyles in the new series.
Remember the halcyon days of Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf? The blonde tumble of bohemian waves! The preppy, polished up-do, replete with glittering barrettes! The pair didn’t just serve up stellar outfit inspiration, they delivered aspirational beauty looks, too. Fast forward to 2021, and the Gossip Girl reboot is creating nearly as much buzz as its predecessor, offering up a whole new posse for us to take style and beauty notes from. Enter: the hairstyles.
Yes, forget the outfits, the expensive handbags and the salacious gossip, a beauty editor’s prerogative is to judge the hair – and it does not disappoint. There’s a look for everyone thanks to the show’s new and more diverse cast. From buzzcuts to natural curls, each character’s style hints at their personality, whether that’s Audrey’s trending shag-meets-wolf cut, or Kate Keller’s simple bob. And they all look every bit as good as Blair and Serena did on the steps of the Met. Scroll for the most noteworthy styles, ranked. 
This article was previously published on Vogue UK. 
Wholesome personality aside, Zoya Lott’s hair is also next level. Embracing and enhancing her natural curls, she wears her hair up, down and larger-than-life, and we’re here for it in every form it takes. 
Bold and beautiful, Julien Calloway’s buzzcut is a perfect reflection of her confidence and devil-may-care attitude – it takes guts to shave all of your hair off, and she looks good with it.  
Bang on trend, Audrey’s blonde layered wolf cut was made for Instagram (the modern home of Gossip Girl), and of course we are taking notes for our next salon appointment.
She may be one of the “mean girls,” but the wealthy Monet’s long sun-kissed braids and corkscrew curls are hairstyle perfection – even if they do come with a side of serious sass. 
An English teacher at Constance Billard and St Jude’s – and the woman who is the real Gossip Girl in the series – Kate Keller’s bob is a tale of two halves. A chop that simultaneously says “serious professional” and “hipster English grad”, it’ll undoubtedly inspire many imitations.
The second buzzcut of the show, Akeno’s acid-pink look is the most widely lauded hairstyle of the debut season (though it only made number six in British Vogue’s rankings). It’s made even better by actor Evan Mock’s thick eyebrows and chiseled cheekbones.
Preened, polished, ultra-glossy and with not a flyaway in sight – Luna La’s dark hair is as close to Blair Waldorf as you get in the 2021 reboot. Snide she may be, but she sure spends time on her blow dry. 
It would be remiss of us to leave out Otto’s cherubic curls – the more mussed-up, the better.
Last but not least, we give you Rafa Caparros’s semi-slick, ultra low-key haircut. Nothing really to write home about, it’s just an excellent cut for a high school classics teacher.

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