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Welcome To Plathville: What Moriah Has Been Up To Since Season 3 Ended – Screen Rant

Moriah Plath chose to move to Florida at the end of Welcome to Plathville season 3. Find out if the big move was beneficial for the reality TV star.
Moriah Plath came a long way on Welcome to Plathville season 3, and it appears the Georgia native is doing well in Florida after the TLC show wrapped its third season. Moriah faced an emotional season that saw her trying to maintain a good relationship with her ultra-conservative parents Barry and Kim so that she could have a relationship with her younger siblings. Moriah ultimately chose to leave Cairo, Georgia with her brother Ethan, his wife Olivia, and her boyfriend Max Kallschmidt. But did the big move lead to good things for Moriah?
As the second oldest girl in the Plath family, life has been difficult for Moriah. Barry and Kim raised their children to follow ultra-conservative rules that saw all nine kids being homeschooled and having limited contact with the modern world. Moriah, now 19, made the emotional choice to separate from her parents so she could explore being her own person. She has since relied heavily on her relationships with Olivia, Max, and Ethan. Moriah opened up to her family about her move to Tampa, Florida to start a new life. Barry showed some growth in his ability to be more open-minded, though viewers thought Kim was still far too hard on her children.
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Moriah often uses her Instagram, @moriah.jasper, to share more about her life apart from the show. She has picked up almost 350K followers on the platform, as her popularity among fans has grown during season 3. When it comes to her relationships, Moriah is still on excellent terms with Max, Ethan, and Olivia. The two couples celebrated Halloween together, which saw Max and Moriah dressing like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell for a fun, themed look. Moriah opened up about her relationship with Max in several posts that emphasize how much her boyfriend means to her. She also appears to still look up to Olivia, who she has grown extremely close to over the years.
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Moriah appears to be enjoying her life in Florida, as she shared several beach images with her followers. She also enjoyed a trip to Maine with Max, Olivia, and Ethan. Though moving from Cairo was emotional for Moriah, she appears to be living her best life away from the conservative rule of her family. Like Ethan, Moriah took Olivia’s side in the family feud. However, unlike Ethan, Moriah appears to be still trying to maintain friendly relations with her family for the sake of her younger siblings. Moriah has also shared messages of empowerment with her followers that encourage healthy change and growth. She seems to entirely stand by her decision to separate from the conservative rule of Barry and Kim and discover herself.
Overall, Moriah appears to be in a very good place after Welcome to Plathville season 3. She is also still currently sporting the bold, purple hair she debuted on the show. Likewise, Moriah has turned to clothes as a chance to express herself, and she even shared she is considering getting a second tattoo. The past three years of TLC content have seen Moriah embracing and discovering who she is apart from her family. Moriah’s determination to understand and express herself has made her a fan-favorite cast member on Welcome to Plathville, and many viewers are happy to see Moriah succeed in her new life.
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