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Girl, 5, left partially bald after her hair gets caught in electric whisk while she bakes a cake with gran… – The Sun

A YOUNG girl has been left partially bald after her hair got caught in an electric whisk while she was baking a cake with her grandmother.
The five-year-old had leaned over the bowl to see if the cake mix was ready when the bizarre accident happened.
Within a “split second '' her hair was ripped from her scalp as her locks got wrapped up in the mixer.
Now her mother is speaking out to warn other parents not to let their kids near the kitchen appliance.
She told The Daily Record: "My mum and daughter have always baked together and it's always been fun and totally safe.
“This has just been a freak accident and we could not have seen it coming.
"She was leaning towards the bowl and in a split second her hair was ripped out. Thank goodness my mum managed to act fast and switch the mixer off or I dread to think how much worse it could have been."
But despite losing nearly a third of her head of hair, her mum has said the schoolgirl has bounced back and is being very brave.
She said: "She has actually been incredible. She has been more concerned about us adults. Her scalp was a bit sore and tender for a few days but apart from that she has been ok, considering.
"It's us who have been so upset and she seems to be taking it in her stride. 
“The only thing she was anxious about was going to school because she didn't want people to make fun of her."
Luckily for the young girl, her mum brought her straight to a hairdresser who specialises who specialises in hair loss treatments.
Despite a usual six-month waiting list, Linzi Bone Hair squeezed in an emergency appointment for her daughter.
The mum said she “can’t thank Linzi enough”.
“She actually performed a miracle. I can't believe how natural her hair looks, you would think it had never happened."
However she will still need to come back for check ups every four weeks – and it could take up to a year before her real hair grows back.
The youngster will need to go for checks every four weeks and the family has been warned it could take six months or more for her real hair to grow back.
Hair specialist, Linzi said: "She was such a wee trooper.
“As soon as her mum got in touch I just made a space and ordered the hair because I just couldn't not help her.
"Sadly I have seen this kind of thing before with kids and adults getting their hair caught in remote control cars, drills, a fan or a go-kart.
"Where possible everyone should make sure hair is tied away completely because there are so many dangers that we just don't think about."
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