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When it comes to quality of life updates, one popular suggestion we see over and over again is a more customisable avatar design. Your avatar represents you in game, but the reality is, outside of a few colour options, clothing and poses, there aren’t many ways to change their appearance, so here is what we would love to see!
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We want to be able to change our hair! Right now depending on which gender you choose in game, your hair is set. Feminine avatars get a straight haired ponytail with a chunky fringe, and masculine avatars get a choppy short hair do with a spikey finish.

Currently the only option to change the hair is to switch the colour, or pop on the Furfrou wig (shown far right image). There is a large range of different colours which is fun, I change mine depending on the season, opting for darker purple in the winter and lighter in the summer, but the hair really doesn’t give much choice for being able to actually look like you do.
Also, we have no option for grey hair! People of all ages can have grey hair, let us embrace those greys.

Very few people have totally straight hair! We’d love to see more textured options, from loose waves, to ringlet curls, through to afro styles, to show the diversity of the community who play this game.
Being able to sport something remotely similar to your real hair could be so much fun, and make you feel more immersed in the game. With the style of the feminine hair, it also means you can’t actually fully appreciate some of the items you can wear. Earrings are basically hidden by the fringe unless your avatar is totally sideways!
We’d love to see long haired options that aren’t tied up, avatars that can be bald, wearing cornrows, have curly bobs, and so much more! The Furfrou wig shows that the hair can be changed in game, so give us more options please! And importantly, make all the hairstyles available for both avatar genders in game, not designated to male and female please.
Once again, other than choosing the masculine or feminine avatar, there are zero options for actually changing your body type in game. You can’t be taller or shorter, muscular or plus size, you have a set body type and that is that.

We’d love to see more diversity in body type. Not everyone is tall and thin, or remotely wants to be! Again, these need to be available in both avatar designs. Give us muscles or curves, let us be short if we are short, more reality please.
It would also be incredible for people to be able to see their disabilities reflected in game. Your avatar could be in a customisable wheelchair, just like you are in real life, or walk with a mobility aid, have the same limb difference you have, or wear a hearing aid.
There could be options for matching wheelchairs and mobility aids to your avatar items clothing, it could be really fun, and how awesome to see yourself reflected in game!
Especially for younger children who play who have a disability, it would so so exciting. Currently being able to pay for glasses (in a limited colour range) is about as close as we get!

Currently we have options for hair colour, eye colour, and skin colour, but zero options for actually changing our faces in any way. Options for different shapes and sizes for eyes, nose, and mouth, would all help in making our avatar feel a little more ‘me’.
Even face shape could be an option, I know I certainly don’t have those pixie like small features and big eyes, or that sort of shaped face.
Since the game was first released there are better skin colour options, but there is always room for improvement and more choices in the skin tone range.
We know not everyone wants to look like their avatar, sometimes half the fun of an avatar is being able to create the fantasy version of you, or be a totally different character, but with such limited choices, there isn’t much fun in it!
After all these years of Pokémon GO, can’t we at least get some different hair styles as a start?

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