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New name, new hair – Vusi Nova introduces his alter ego Snova and tells us about his extensions – News24

Thursday, 18 November
17 Nov
He has been using the name Vusi Nova for more than a decade. Nova means new in Latin or a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness.
Singer Vusumzi Nongxa says he needed a change and he would like to introduce his alter ego, Snova, to the world.
“Snova, pronounced ‘Snow-va is just a short, punchier, and more street-sounding version on my name. And that is who my alter ego really is; punchy and street,” Vusi tells Drum.
The all-black wearing Vusi Nova, who wears traditional Xhosa beads and sings love songs, will always be there. 
“Vusi Nova is not going anywhere. He will always be there. Matter of fact, he is booked back-to-back this festive season. But I’ve just decided to introduce Snova who is an Amapiano artist,” he says.
“Vusi Nova is a romantic, he sings about love and is soft and caring. While Snova is rough around the edges and a little bit wild.”
Vusi says Snova allows him to do things that Vusi Nova wouldn’t necessarily be able to do.
“In public, Vusi is contained, well behaved, watches what he says. But my alter ego is very outgoing and social,” he adds.
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On 19 November 2021, Snova will be debuting his Amapiano single Shuku Shuku.
“I decided to make an Amapinao song to show my versatility,” he says.
“I can sing to any genre, Gospel, Classical, Hip-Hop and but I want the brand Vusi to remain the same. For all the other genres I will be experimenting with Snova.”
Vusi says the name addition was inspired by a longing for something new.
“I always want to reinvent myself and have fun while doing it. Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, Mariah Carey has Mimi, Marshall Mathers has Slim Shady and locally Maphorisa has Mabumane and I have Snova,” he says. 
The new image came with a new look.
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A few months ago, Vusi showed off his new hairstyle and where he had put on hair extensions in the form of Hair Waves. In less than a week, he showed off a curly fringe. “People thought I grew my hair. Njani? (How?) I am bold,” he says.
“My natural hair is beautiful, silky, and rich,” he says. 
But when he started going bald, he lost a bit of confidence.
“A lot of men can relate with me that losing hair can really mess with your self-esteem. I was one of those people who didn’t take going bold lightly,” he says. 
“For years I battled with hair loss. I would sometimes cover it with caps or my beads or a scarf because it took me time to accept it,” he says.
It was when he learned that in the US there were men who proudly wore hair extensions.
“We don’t even know that some international stars are wearing hair extensions,” he says.
“It’s the best thing I’ve ever discovered. The hair is laid down nicely. It looks natural. I sleep with it; I can swim with it and I don’t need to take it out for a while.”
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Vusi says it’s boosted his confidence and it’s the change he needed.

“It’s really given me confidence. People have been giving me compliments and told me it’s shed a few years off my age.” 
But with complaints comes the criticism, but Vusi can handle it.
“I’m used to being criticized by people who don’t even know me. But as long as I am happy with who I am and I remain who I am. I and Snova make great music then I am happy,” he says.
“So are you ready?” he asks.
16 Nov
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