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Is red Chaka Khan’s real hair colour? Verzuz look explored – HITC

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Chaka Khan’s fans are swooning over her red hair since her Verzuz battle appearance alongside Stephanie Mills but is red her real hair colour.
The singer whose real name is Yvette Marie Stevens has swooned fans with her music and stunning looks for five decades now.
Chaka always stole the show with her amazing hairdo. The singer often left many fans wondering how she managed to pull off her beautiful and healthy mane.
I’ve always said Chaka Khan is the only person her age who can rock that hair colour without looking like a try hard. Love her
Chaka has always been larger than life and so has her hair.
However, over the years, the singer has dished out some of her hair secrets. Back in 2019, during the launch of her wig line, she opened up about using hair extensions.
One of Chaka’s signature looks is the classic red hair and black ensemble outfits. In an earlier interview with Refinery 29, the singer revealed “[I used] Rit dye to start. It’s for fibre. It colours blouses, pants, and hair.”
Opening up about it further, she said, “My hands were red, my clothes were red. That’s what started me wearing all black because my hair would bleed.” Hence Chaka’s red hair isn’t her natural look.
Her pictures from her young days reveal that the singer’s natural hair colour is black. She also has a natural, stunning afro. As her career took off, Chaka made the voluminous afro a part of her signature look.
It looks like the bold and beautiful hair is in Chaka’s DNA. In an interview with People, the star said, “I came from Chicago. We were very Afro-centric. I think that was the beginning I think for me just doing big hair. I refused to go to the hairdressers and get my hair done. I said ‘No’, I’ll just be what I am.”
She detailed that having to do her hair got exhausting, once her career took off. “It used to take hours to do her hair, so I would say to her, ‘Why don’t you just let me get the hairpieces,” said her long-time stylist George R. Fuller. “Her [natural] hair is thick. She has a lot of hair,” he has revealed.
In 1975, Chaka rocked a sexy boho look for some time. The look consisted of a long, bouncy wave and a skinny, feathered headband.
Sometimes she would pin her bodacious bushy hair to the side with pins, but for the most part, she would set them free. The red hair phase came in the 80s for the singer.
At the Grammys ceremony in 1985, the now 68-year-old debuted her over-the-top, hairdo splattered with the colour red.
It looks like the singer finally found her signature look after that Grammys ceremony, as the red hair stuck along.
Fans had hilarious reactions to the Verzuz Battle between the two singers. But some viewers swooned over Chaka’s hair.
Why Stephanie Mills dye her hair the same color Chaka Khan has hers lol. Chaka was the original red head
When Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills saw they were wearing the same hair #VERZUZ
Chaka Khan is so beautiful, especially with red hair♥️💜✨
Chaka Khan in about 5 songs: #VERZUZ
I’m not gonna say nothing about aunt Chaka Khan but auntie 👀 #VERZUZ #ChakaKhan
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