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Visual Novel Arcadia Fallen Out Now –

Kiara Gonzalez November 17th, 2021 – 4:18 PM
Arcadia Fallen is an interactive game and visual novel that implements puzzle elements and romance to create a unique narrative revolving around a young alchemist apprentice’s unexpected role in a war between humanity and magic. The game was released today for the PC, Mac, and Linux systems. Arcadia Fallen was developed and published by Galdra Studios, an indie game developing studio formed by three friends during their last year of university. According to Galdra Studio’s official websitetheir Master’s thesis was the prototype for Arcadia Fallen.

A part of your role as an alchemist apprentice is running an alchemy shop, where you solve puzzles to discover new recipes, create potions, and sell your potions to customers. You can also use your alchemy skills to defeat demons that you encounter and solve problems to help your friends save the world. As the player, you get to control the way your journey plays out throughout the game, as there are no wrong or correct choices and no bad endings. You have the freedom to choose how to respond to different events and situations by picking dialogue choices, where the dialogue text has tone labels to determine your character’s personality from being shy, bold, or comedic. It is your choice if you want to focus on your alchemy and grow from an apprentice to a master, form relationships with other characters, or learn more about the lore within the game.
Arcadia Fallen includes many cool game features, such as inclusive customization options for your character, where you can choose your body type, name, pronouns, hairstyle, and more. You also have the choice to choose a romantic relationship route or a platonic friendship route with four characters who are also LGBTQ+. Other cool game features include full voice acting and an original soundtrack composed by Jesper Green that features the game’s intro song with Emi Evans.
If you are a fan of visual novels with a narrative-driven by your decisions, make sure to check out Arcadia Fallen. You can buy Arcadia Fallen on Steam, the Humble Store, and for $24.99.



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