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Lizzo just rocked a major mascara trend, and it makes her eyes pop – Cosmopolitan UK

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Considering how many options there are, I’m not particularly picky when it comes to mascara. Anything that promises length, a curl and some volume, I’m all over it and don’t really have a loyalty to just one. But when it comes to the colour, I can only wear black.
Recently, I’ve noticed more and more people, including the Kardashians, opting for a softer shade of brown. But not me. The darker my lashes, the better.
It seems, I may have to get a bit braver as coloured mascara is where it’s at right now. Just look at Lizzo’s latest photoshoot for Essence magazine.
The singer fronts the cover of the magazine with some of the bold, most vibrant and, frankly, stunning blue eye makeup we’ve ever seen. While the shade of aqua blue eyeshadow already makes her eyes pop, Lizzo took it one step further with matching blue mascara.
Yep, every one of her lashes is covered in layers of bright blue mascara, making them almost camouflage into her eyeshadow. But the result is gorgeous and I can’t stop staring at her eyes.
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The incredible look was the work of celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo, who also gave Lizzo 60s-inspired white eyeliner.
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Thank you, Alexx and Lizzo. I think I’m inspired to finally inject some colour into my eye makeup…


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