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13 Holiday Hairstyle Ideas to Recreate – Coveteur

Get festive with your hair this season.
Thankfully, this year’s holiday season looks a lot different from the one we experienced last year. Now that we can safely gather with our friends and loved ones, it’s time to start thinking about the beauty looks we’re going to wear to the countless festivities we’ll be attending this winter. Rather than sticking to your go-to hair look, the holidays give you the perfect excuse to try out a new and fun style. To give you some options, we rounded up the best holiday hairstyles that are cute, chic, and fairly easy to recreate on your own.

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Go for this look if you want a slightly textured hairstyle that’s full of body. Before you go to bed, blow-dry your hair straight, and then apply a lightweight curl cream. Separate your hair into sections and braid or twist each one. When you wake up in the morning, unravel the braids, layer a shine serum on top, and you’ll be good to go.

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A striking barrette is a simple way to instantly elevate any hairstyle. Spritz a heat-protectant spray on your hair before hitting it with a straightener, then pin two clips on each side of your head.

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FYI: Headbands aren’t going anywhere. The nostalgia-inspired hair accessory doesn’t just look cute, but it’s a great way to keep any stray hairs or wisps neatly in place.

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Don’t want just any regular old ponytail? Try a bubble pony instead—the hairstyle is a chic remix of the classic, traditional style. Before you begin to create the look, you want to do two things. First, pull your hair into a high ponytail and smooth on a hair gel to keep everything sleek. Then, spray a lightweight texturizing spray onto the ponytail to add volume without making the hair too stiff.

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Show off your natural texture and gather your hair into a high bun at the crown of your head, then pull a few pieces of hair out so that they frame your face, creating a soft look. Pro-tip: Smooth a curl lotion through your strands before throwing it into a high bun to help define and hydrate your hair.

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Everything old is new again and that includes ’90s’ hair trends. Once you have your hair pulled into a ponytail or a bun, pull out two pieces of hair to freshen up your look. Apply a straightening serum, then use a small flat iron on the tendrils for a super-sleek look.

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Another popular hairstyle that’s making the rounds again is the feathery, flipped hair from the ’70s. Use a barrel brush to apply tension while blow-drying the ends of your hair away from your face. Once you’re done, hit your hair with a flexible hold hairspray to lock your look in place.

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These baby braids immediately add a fun and playful element to any hair texture. Before you braid, blast texturizing spray onto the pieces to give your hair a little bit of grit so that the braids stay put. Don’t be afraid to spray the product on the rest of your hair as well—it’ll help boost volume and add tons of texture.

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Mermaid waves hit the perfect balance between a tousled and effortless appearance that still looks intentional. Separate clean hair into even sections, then twist the section while wrapping it around a curling iron for a wavy look.

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You can never go wrong with a sleek and polished look for a holiday occasion. To smooth down your strands—even the rouge pieces that seem to have a mind of their own—use a boar bristle brush to apply tension as you pull your hair back.

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Next time you go see your braider, opt for these straight-back, feed-in braids. The protective style comes with minimal upkeep, which means it’ll save you so much prep time. P.S. Don’t forget to smooth your edges down with a non-flaky gel.

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Stand out from the crowd at every holiday engagement you attend this season by incorporating a vibrant hue into your hair. Besides making an appointment with a colorist, the next best thing is applying semi-permanent hair dye from your mid-lengths to your ends for a bold and bright pigment.

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Space buns are yet another nostalgic-inspired hairstyle that’s back in style. Try out the whimsical hair trend by parting your hair, right down the middle, into two equal sections, then twirling each half into a tight, spiraled bun before securing them with rubber bands and bobby pins.

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