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WWE NXT 2.0 Results: Tommaso Ciampa Shuts Down Grayson Waller, LA Knight Accepts Challenge From Joe Gacy, Cameron Grimes Gets Serious (11/23) – The Overtimer

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Since becoming NXT Champion once again, Tommaso Ciampa has proven that it will take a lot to take him down. Bron Breakker learned this, after being the only member of The New School with enough balls to come to Ciampa – and he got laid out. Now, Ciampa is looking to thin out the herd, starting with the loudmouthed Aussie in Grayson Waller.
Waller would disrupt the opening of the show, before claiming that WWE fans drove The Rock and John Cena away, and would do the same to Roman Reigns. They hate megastars like them, and will hate him for the same reasons.
Having heard enough when Waller said he was a megastar like the names he dropped, Ciampa hit the ring. Waller would hit some weak belows before Ciampa stomped a mudhole into him in the corner. The crowd was loving this, and would chant one more time after Waller had some common sense knocked into his head with a knee strike.
Waller escaped the ring and Ciampa followed. Downward punches in the corner would see Waller slip free and hit a neck breaker. Waller would have to keep Ciampa down, and bending the previously injured neck around the ropes would help to do this. Ciampa would try to get things under control and took a spinebuster before Waller wanted The Peoples Elbow and missed.
Waller took a series of hard lariats, with the last one sending him to the floor and over the commentary desk, as we went to a commercial break. Back from the break, Ciampa had lost control, and Waller was hitting some chops in the corner, and keeping control with a back elbow as Ciampa tried to get free. Waller took flight, and found a knee below his jaw, showing the insane timing that Ciampa has in the ring.
Ciampa would nail a tight DDT and looked for Fairytale Ending, but it was blocked into a roll up for two. Waller grabbed a second pinfall attempt, but took another knee to the jaw. He’d stay in the fight and nail a sitout fireman’s carry, but only got a two count. Waller would go up top, but was taken down with the Air Raid Crash for a two count. He’d fight off Fairytale ending and hit a rolling Torture Rock before a springboard elbow for two. Rolling Stunner was blocked into Willows Bell. Finally, Waller got his Fairytale Ending.
Tommaso Ciampa is NXT champion even in NXT 2.0 for a reason, and being able to draw out the best in every single performer. Waller looked better than ever here, just like Gacy & Breakker before him. A great little TV opener. Only flaws are the usual with TV, too short and a long commercial break. Match Rating: 3.25/5 (*** ¼)
Backstage, LA Knight was interviewed and said that he didn’t need to sabotage Knight, because he did it himself. Knight was met by Joe Gacy, who said he should be helping to raise talent up and not tear them down. Gacy would say the safe space is always open, and Knight could meet him there. Knight would accept. However up next is Cameron Grimes.
Last week, Grimes outplayed Duke Hudson in the ring with a high stakes game of poker – only to be sent through the table and have his hair cut in the process. The time for his cheerful demeanor could be through. It could be time to see why he was known for years as The Technical Savage.
Coming to the ring with shorter hair and beard and less energy than usual. He’d say he grew up in a small town in North Carolina, constantly pushed around and belittled. Grimes proved he could scratch and claw to success. Nights spent on the floor, money gathered to fill an empty stomach, Grimes has grit.
He’d keep the long hair and unkempt beard to remind himself of his roots, even after he struck it rich. Hudson took that away, humiliating and embarrassing him. Now he has an angry Cameron Grimes to deal with – and Hudson best hit the ring. He’d ask why he’s mad, when he took a lot of money from Hudson and got a free haircut.
Hudson wouldn’t hit the ring tonight and Grimes called him gutless and nutless. Grimes is ready to go all in at WarGames in a hair vs. hair match. Hudson agreed to this, and we have a match for the coming PPV!
Who will leave WarGames with a bald head? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.
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